Visual Chore Chart

I’m having a hard time getting into the whole “brushing the teeth” thing with the kids. I’m so tired of fighting that I’m lucky to get clean bums, hands and faces plus pjs on before bed. The traditional chore chart of words and me remembering what everything is seemed too daunting. And then I saw it … the image chore chart at The Idea Room. Perhaps to many of you this isn’t a huge leap of comprehension, but for me it’s ingenious.

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The Air Show

Today we went to the Breslau Air Show with two other families. It was cooler than I thought when we left (I was sweating in the house as I ran around getting things gathered and children plus husband ushered outside the door) so we were cool. Luckily the children were dressed mostly appropriately. It was sunny but windy and then near the end it started to rain. The children generally enjoyed the show but parked planes were a bit boring and redundant for the little ones. So that makes it want little ones to get into mischief. Here is hubby

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Daycare Planning & Basement Renovations

I am planning weekly themes and craft ideas for my home daycare. I feel good for having structure and lots of ideas. If only the kids appreciated the work that goes into the activities we do. Perhaps they do but when I pull it out and get them all running into the opposite direction that doesn’t help my ego or my patience. We are also planning to finish the basement. Problem is, hubby and I do not agree on how it should be finished so I am stalling. I have ideas, he has ideas, I have to live in the

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Family Friday – Entertaining Kids on a Rainy Day

Entertaining kids on a rainy day with physical activity is a breeze when you have some creative ideas up your sleeve. These fantastic ideas found at Homemaker Barbi’s Family Friday are fantastic. I know I’m going to clean out the garage in particular to do some of these activities! Physical Activities for Kids on Rainy Days 1. Sports in the garage. If you have an uncluttered basement or garage, let the kids go wild playing handball, racquetball or any other activity that keeps them moving in place. 2. Exercise in the kitchen. Even in your den or kitchen you can

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My Boy in the Garden

The swing set is now at the back of the yard. This is great except for the fact that it draws the attention of the youngsters to the “garden” of rocks, weeds, trees and flowers that exist at the back of the yard. I attempted to clean out one small garden by de-weeding and placing specified border of rocks around it so they could tell garden from other. I also put a wood-chipped path (which I have to de-weed again as you can see in these photos. Here is my young Travis enjoying the path (and gnawing on a stick

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Our Swing Set

Wow, I really am behind. We’ve had this swing set up and running since May (it was Mommy’s Mother’s Day gift to get it all assembled). Here it is as it went up … And here are the kids loving it in its assembled glory. This is the best Mother’s Day gift EVER!!

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Dressing for Winter in Balmy Weather

I finally had a moment to go through photos on the camera. I’m working on cleaning up the memory card for more current photos. I had forgotten but in April, during a balmy spell, the crazy kids decided to dress up like it was the middle of a winter storm. Do you think they would let me dress them like this as easily when it actually was a blizzard outside? Of course not … Enjoy.

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Happy Canada Day!

I was getting frustrated while e-searching July holiday menus and craft ideas and mainly having July 4th recipes and ideas popping up. Nothing wrong with July 4th – if you are American. So today (of course on Canada Day itself) I found some really cool links on celebrating the big Maple Leaf day. Canada Day Menu and Your 100 top Canadian Things ~ thank you A summary of the Homemakers top 10 Canadian favourites include:10. Tim Hortons9. The beautiful Canadian Rocky Mountains8. Fresh water7. Hockey6. Health care5. Freedom4. Our changing seasons3. The Canadian character2. The landscape1. Multiculturalism

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The Underappreciated Gardener

I was very excited to surprise my husband with some gardening. He has been complaining that the children have been picking his flowers (he is the gardener in the house … or was …). So I thought I would spend time today making distinct rock garden areas versus “paths” that I put cedar mulch on to encourage the children to stay on. Throughout the day I pulled weeds, “fluffed” the soil (yes, my official gardener lingo) and moved the rocks out of the garden and to the edges. All the children and I were proud (they got to choose which

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I have heard about Geocaching a few times and my interest got piqued ~ especially as the nice weather is coming and I really want to do fun & free things with my family. What is Geocaching? Geocaching is an outdoor activity where people try to find hidden containers using only latitude and longitude along with searching techniques. A handheld GPS receiver is used to navigate from any place on Earth to the hidden container. By entering the coordinates of the container, the GPS will display the distance and direction that you must travel in order to reach the destination.

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