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Welcome to More Than A Mom

I’m Elizabeth – wife, mom and so much more.

I created MTAM in 2008 when I was starting out on the motherhood adventure. I’ve also been a work at home mom since that time as I have owned and run a home daycare since 2007. I often joke that my son was actually my fourth child because I had two daycare children I was caring for at the time he was born plus my own daughter.

With my combined experience with having raised many children and having witnessed many parenting styles over the years, I’ve put it all together to bring other moms the secrets of self care, child-rearing and household management.

If you see the humor in the every day but only have a quick moment while the kids are napping to read blog posts, you’ll feel right at home here with succinct, accurate tips that are not too serious but are very helpful.

My blog beginnings

About - Elizabeth Writing

I live in Kitchener, Ontario CANADA and I love to write, read, create and watch movies.

Since I love to write, it was natural for me to start MTAM in 2008 when my son was just a few months old to document life as a mother of young children. When I first started, blogs were more of a diary where you randomly posted about what was going on in your life right at that moment.

Over 1,000 posts later, I realized that blogging had become more than just diary notes. The information on the internet is incredible and well thought out posts are in demand. I want to be a part of the information providing movement and so I stepped things up a notch and re-organized the content into less diary posts into more meaty tips and secrets for all the new moms who are just beginning their journey of motherhood.

My crafting passion

In addition to blogging here, I own The Ruthless Crafter where I design knit and crochet character hats and write children’s books to tell each character’s story.

My blog beginnings

If this is your first time visiting, I’d love for you to get to know me better.

You can start by reading my post partem depression story, and then read about that time mom brain took over or how I stay true to my health goals

That should give you a good sense of where I’ve been and who I am.

About Elizabeth

Hi! I'm Elizabeth

Welcome to More Than A Mom, a space for daydreamers and creative thinkers who are obsessed with improving yourself, your home, and loving your family.

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