Guest Post: DIY Valence

Hi! I am so excited to be a guest today. I must admit, I’m a little nervous, because my crafting skills are nothing compared to Elizabeth’s. I mean, I buy those little quilting squares at HobLob, but I use them to make fabric garlands because I can tie a knot around some string. I am also good with a glue gun, so try not to be too underwhelmed. Besides my attempted craft or two, you can find me running my own little monarchy as The Queen of the Kings. I also dabble a bit in crazy with my bestie and

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Wild Kratts Costume Reveal & Instructions

I was going through the photos on my iPhone earlier today and I realized I never showed the final Wild Kratts costumes. In September 2014 I did a “How to Make a Wild Kratts Costume” tutorial. I ended up buying cotton tee shirts and cropping them. I hemmed the bottom of the shirt and then got felt and zig-zag stitched the rectangles and circles. Finally, I got some clear plastic from a bag that came with a sheet set and I zig-zag stitched it on the sides and bottom. This lets the kids insert their “creature power discs” no problem.

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Organizing Sewing Needles & Pins

I have 4 sewing machines. My 8 year old daughter and I each have a basic Kenmore, I have a serger, and I have my long-arm quilting machine. Each of these machines has their own needles and I use different lengths of pins for a variety of projects. Now how to organize them all so I can find them when I need them? The Domestic Diva’s Disaster’s blog has also had this problem and she posted an informative article on just how to organize the needles and pins. What is your favourite tip and/or how do you organize your supplies?

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Organize Your Small Sewing Space

I am fortunate to have a bedroom size sewing room in our basement. I do have a 10-foot long arm machine frame in the room so it does cut the size down a bit and so I do need to get creative with storing and organizing in the room. Andrea’s Notebook has come up with 5 Tips to Organize your Small Sewing Space. My favourite tip that I need to employ is to use vertical space. What is your favourite tip? Credit: Andrea’s Notebook blog

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Hot & Cold Pack Sewing Tutorial

I have a lot of scraps. I am often cold. I have children who often get scrapes and bumps. What do all of these things have in common? Today’s idea to make your own hot/cold packs by A Bee in my Bonnet is the solution to all these situations. Credit: A Bee in my Bonnet blog

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Felt Christmas Ornaments FREE Pattern

Stumbles & Stitches blog has some very dainty felt ornament ideas with FREE PDF patterns. There are many shapes and designs to choose from! If you need to simplify, just use the outer shape of the ornaments it would make a wonderful weekend-before-Christmas project as a family! Photo Credit: Stumbles & Stitches blog

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Christmas Stockings in Traditional Colour Tones

For those who enjoy a traditional themed Christmas, these stockings fit the bill. In both a medium size (20″x10″) and a small size (10″x5″) these quilted and lined beauties are great options to decorate the family home. Medium-sized stocking (20″x10″).  Medium-sized stocking (20″x10″) Small Stocking (10″x5″) Small Stocking (10″x5″)   Small Stocking (10″x5″)

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Large Santa Stocking

The Santa stocking is festive and adds to the spirit of giving this holiday season. At 13″ wide and 28″ tall, you could fit a baby inside (or just lots of really cool presents).

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Santa & Mrs Claus Wall Hanging

Santa and Mrs Claus, two very recognizable figures associated with Christmas. I like these traditional interpretations of them on this wall or door hanging. It will definitely fill the room and make it feel merry! My Etsy shop has a host of Christmas items like this one if you are searching for the perfect gift or item to spruce up your home this holiday. Santa & Mrs Claus all ready to celebrate the season.  A close up of the merry couple.

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