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Getting Fit at 40

How Do I Get Fit at 40? I’ve been spending a lot of time lately considering how I stayed slender as a youth and how I can get fit at 40 now that it has stubbornly arrived. I didn’t need to worry about what I ate, calories in versus calories out, and I didn’t have to weigh myself regularly to ensure my pants fit. What was it that changed? At what point in my life did it change? Why? Maybe I’m just slow, but it has taken me several months to marinade these questions. It finally came to me that

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10 Precious Tips To Help You Get Better At Staying True to Your Health Goals

Recently I reviewed my health goals to check in if I have been staying true to my 2016. I asked myself a lot of questions as to what I was doing well and where I could improve. Here are some of the tips that I believe will help us all stay true to our health goals. 1. At the end of your day, empty your mind of what you need to do. This will let you sleep better. 2. Clean your kitchen sink so that when you wake up in the morning you have a shiny sink to greet you!

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My Post Partem Depression Story

**UPDATED June 24, 2017. This post contains affiliate links [wc_divider style=”image” line=”single” margin_top=”” margin_bottom=”” class=””][/wc_divider] My post partem depression trigger In January 2008 my second child was born. After the birth I felt fantastic. I was even into my pre-pregnancy clothes by my 6 week follow up appointment. The day before the 6 week appointment, tragedy struck and a girlfriend who I met in prenatal classes with for our first children (who are exactly one week apart) died during a routine C-section. This experience sent me into a deep depression and it took some friends I saw daily to suggest

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Happy Earth Day 2015!

I have always been concerned about the Earth yet somehow now that I have children I feel even more passionate about making better choices to ensure it is a good world for my children and theirs and beyond to live in. As we all take this day (as we should each day we are granted life on this wonder planet), to consider how we can do our part to make earth a better place to live in, here are some inspiring ways others have (or are) contributing to the celebration. What do you do either on this day or regularly

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Laser Quest 7th Birthday Party

Happy birthday to my little guy who turns 7 today. He was SO excited for his birthday and we had a week-long countdown until the morning. When they put that much excitement on an event you really hope to make their day special. Not necessarily by spending a lot of money but in creating memories together that they will always treasure. Since Travis is obsessed with hockey and, most recently, in being a goalie, today we started out by gifting him a street hockey goalie set of pads. I think it went over well and he immediately put them on

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Elf on the Shelf Mischief & Idea Calendar

My daughter (8 years old) was teasing her brother by pretending to touch our Elf on the Shelf, Carol, yesterday. I didn’t witness it but our 6 year old son was very upset about it – she loses her Christmas magic if you touch her, after all! It’s hard to come up with new locations for Carol to visit, so this was the perfect inspiration to inform the children that maybe Carol didn’t want to be touched and this was the best way to protect herself. The look on her face was priceless when she put it together that since

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Adventures in Falling Asleep

Bedtime has been an adventure for us since I was pregnant with my first child. Many nights when I was trying to get comfortable in the later stages of my pregnancy, my daughter decided she did not like the position I was in and would bang about inside me so hard that the mattress shook until I changed sides. She is now well into being 8 years old and it is still an experience to calm her down for bedtime. We have tried to do the “bath, book and bed” routine but baths seem to wind her (and her 6

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Halloween Candies – Oh Boy!

In my part of the world, Halloween is all about dressing up and getting candy! I can hardly wait – oh boy!! Our school has started to collect hard candies. The idea is that the candy is sent to less fortunate countries where they only have rice to eat and their palates are not as well-rounded as ours. The theory is that the sugar in the candy will stimulate the taste buds. I’m not sure I agree or fully understand it but I’m happy to get rid of the hard candies and the children are in agreement so it’s win-win

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