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Goal Planning For Your Home

Have you ever used goal planning for a project you were working on? How about for achieving goals for around your home? Today I share how to get started.

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Why Do We Get Frustrated With Our Children?

Today’s guest blogger is Tanya du Plooy, a mom, stepmom and a experienced counselor. Tanya discusses why we get angry, irritated and frustrated with our children as well as what to do about it. Losing Your Cool My first two years of motherhood felt like bliss, until something happened that I wasn’t prepared for. When my daughter turned two, she entered the difficult mischief and tantrum stage. I would get so frustrated that I would have outbursts of anger with my little girl. This made me feel like a failure and a fraud. I considered myself to be a calm, patient

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Travelling with Kids: Flying with a Toddler

Ben is back with a second installment of our travelling with kids series, flying with a toddler. Ben Wolfson has a lot of experience travelling with his young children and, as a result, has a lot of travel wisdom to impart to other parents. Flying with a Toddler Flying with a toddler is a very different experience than flying with a baby. On the plus side, there’s no more milk or formula to worry about, and toddlers are also a bit better at letting you know what the problem is rather than screaming the plane down as you search for the

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Travelling with Kids: Flying with a Baby

Today’s guest blogger is Ben Wolfson and he has a lot of experience travelling with his young children. Today he shares some great ideas to make your airplane travel with a baby easier. Take it away, Ben! I’m from the UK, my wife is from New Hampshire and we have a 5 year old son and a 2 year old daughter. We have flown back and forth across the Atlantic multiple times with the kids, so the following post represents our personal experiences and what we’ve learned from them. Flying with a Baby Flying with a baby is both the

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Is There Value in Exposing Children to Differing Parenting Styles?

Today’s guest blogger, Jim Sullivan, shares his views on the value of exposing our children to two distinct parenting styles. “Rather than being a point of conflict in our marriage, my wife and I view our very different approaches with our children as a blessing that more realistically prepares them for the diversity of management styles they’ll encounter in authority figures throughout their lives” ~ Jim Sullivan Which Parenting Style Do You Use? There are as many parenting styles as there are parents. There are well-intentioned parents who emphasize the importance of allowing children a safe space to be who

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YARN: The Movie

Initial Introduction to the Movie This weekend I watched the movie “YARN”. I originally learned about it after having watched Vickie Howell’s interview with the co-directors/producers Heather Millard & Thordur Jonsson. My interest piqued when Vickie explained that it really is a documentary about yarn. I wondered, what does the documentary have to say about yarn for an entire movie? Apparently a lot! Yarn In The World The movie explored yarn and how it is being used as art and function world-wide. It is fascinating how many ways knit and crochet fiber artists uniquely bring yarn into the world for

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Getting Fit at 40

How Do I Get Fit at 40? I’ve been spending a lot of time lately considering how I stayed slender as a youth and how I can get fit at 40 now that it has stubbornly arrived. I didn’t need to worry about what I ate, calories in versus calories out, and I didn’t have to weigh myself regularly to ensure my pants fit. What was it that changed? At what point in my life did it change? Why? Maybe I’m just slow, but it has taken me several months to marinade these questions. It finally came to me that

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General Decluttering Tips

Let Me Help You Get Control! If I could help you get control of your home, is that something you’d be interested in? If you said yes, I want to introduce you to my Decluttering Challenge. It is a free series of email I created to help those of us who are overwhelmed by the “stuff” in our homes. Today we are reviewing some tips for the first day, General Decluttering. General Decluttering Tips I do a general decluttering when I look around and get completely overwhelmed with “stuff”everywhere. I go through some phases where I don’t see it (perhaps

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