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Thanks to A BOWL FULL OF LEMONS for this fabulous idea to organize the “hot spot” on my kitchen counter. I happen to own all of the required items so, since we just got home this afternoon from a week of being away, I thought it was good timing to get this
in place – just in time for real life again (which will hit me faster than I expect!).

Here are photos of her command center.

I like how she has attached a calendar to the front of hers and has colour-coded each family member’s activities. I won’t need to have our calendar attached as it will hover on the wall right beside it. 

She has great categories to get started with also. I think I’m going to use some of hers as well as a few different ones for myself.

The version I came up with is just a black holder with “post it” categories. It’s not as pretty as the one shown above but it looks similar. The categories I came up with are:

  1. To Read
  2. To File
  3. To Pay
  4. Sign, Return and Homework (this will be mostly for my preschool daughter)
  5. Coupons
  6. Weekly Lesson Plan (for my home daycare)
I’d love to see if you make or have made one of these and how it works for you. I’m off to stuff my file folders now to tidy up the kitchen (just as the hubby comes in with groceries to place on the clean spots! but that is another post…).
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  1. I love the pictures, can't wait for yours! That really is a good idea to put a calendar on the front of the file. I need to go over and see it up close at lemons blog.

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