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Guest Post: Make Favourite Baby Clothes Into Art

Today’s Guest blogger is Jennifer from A Splendidly Messy Life. We met online but, fun fact, we physically live within an hour from each other! Welcome, Jennifer. * * * * * My name is Jennifer Bairos, and I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada with my husband, our 3 year old son, and our cat. I’m a teacher by day and blogger by night over at A Splendid Messy Life ( I was really inspired to do this DIY because I wanted to somehow save a few of the cute onesies that our son, Seb, was growing out of so

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101 Creative Christmas Card Ideas

Hopefully your Christmas cards have been made well in advance, but just in case (or if you are planning next year’s already!) here are 101 Creative Christmas Card Ideas from The Dating Divas blog. This year we did the “mistletoes” idea and I love how it turned out!

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Organizing Memories

Yesterday I attended my second scrapbook day ever. The first day I tried was from 10AM-5PM. It was nice to do a shorter day to see if I would enjoy it. I definitely over-estimated how much I would get done and brought two full totes plus my laptop and a jump drive of our 2008 photos to digitally organize and start to make a digital scrapbook from. I barely finished the 2006 photos I had printed that year (I had to organize them as they were out of order when they got printed and then I slapped them into a

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Craft Schedule

I set monthly goals of crafts I want to complete. Some months are better than others for actually completing them. This month I not only set the goals on my Crafts page, I also added them to my Outlook Calendar. I took the time to spread them out, taking into consideration the time I would have to dedicate to it per day. Generally I plan to crochet, knit or organize digital photos (this month) during the week and sew or quilt on the weekends. So far last weekend was mostly planning but I did get a few things done. The beginning of the

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Digitizing the Children’s Art and School Work

Next Tuesday (September 3rd) is the first day of school for my little people. I’m excited for them to start a new year but I’m still trying to recover from all the papers that came home with them in the spring and all the art that they created this summer. You can read more about how I coped with the art and created a homework center in yesterday’s post. In June I set an aggressive schedule and detailed plan to organize digital photos and the children’s art. I started out pretty strong and got one year of photos organized but then the laptop

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June 2013 Completed Projects

I was very ambitious for my June 2013 goals. I should have known better than to make one so long. The warm weather makes it harder for me to get things in the house accomplished. It didn’t help that it was either humid or raining so painting the kids stove and table/chair set didn’t work since it wouldn’t have dried. It also didn’t help that my scanner/printer (which we haven’t used in years) isn’t working and I need to figure out why not and if I can fix it. I was able to find the software to download online but

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Organizing Digital Photos

Inspired by the I Heart Organizing project photography challenge, I decided it was time to organize our family photos. I just did a quick check and I have only 4.69 GB of free space remaining. The photos are taking up a tremendous amount of digital space on my external hard drive. I do regularly back up my photos and files but the process takes an entire day and sometimes they don’t all get captured as I run out of time to finish. I would be devastated if I were to lose these irreplaceable family memories. My overall goal is create

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Home Organization 101: The Office ~ Part 1

Last week was the office in the Home Organization 101 challenge. I’ve had a cold slow me down for the past two plus weeks so not much in the house has been looked at. Yesterday I got the kids to help me do a good cleaning of the house. Today I’m going to look at the office which is also my craft room. Since it’s so overwhelming for me to go in there I’ve decided to do it by corner and/or craft. MEMORY KEEPINGThis morning it’s the scrap booking corner. For my memory keeping friends, what system do you have

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