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Organizing Update

I feel like I have accomplished a lot so far in getting the house organized. There have been several bags of things donated to date. I love to just walk into the rooms that have been decluttered (master bedroom, bathroom and closet) and just sit, enjoying the “nothing” and cleared space. I am keeping my motivation and have big plans to move more out of the house as I venture into the other rooms and see all of the stuff just sitting there. The kids rooms, art supplies and play room are the big ones but I’m itching to get

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Photo Gallery

I finally put our family photos (since 2006 when my daughter was born) into picture frames. I want to make a gallery wall. There are many blank walls for us to have one. I like the family staircases myself. There are 13 frames that I ended up with. IHeart Organizing has some great tips on how to make a gallery wall that I want to share and that I hope to follow: Don’t leave too much space between the frames.  1-2 inches is about perfect.   Make sure you get a pattern figured out that you love before putting holes

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Memories and Keepsakes Organizing

In addition to decluttering and purging the house, I have decided that it is high time to figure out the photos and keepsakes. I have from 2003 to present to figure out. I really want to focus on this area before the end of the school year. My daughter is in senior kindergarten and, if you have school-age children, you can appreciate the incredible amount of art and paperwork that comes home from the school – and she’s only alternate days in school! Next year she will be in grade 1 and my son will start junior kindergarten full day

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Halloween and Christmas

I’ve got that inspired bug about me. I’m working on the king sized quilt for my parents, finished Travis’s Halloween knight costume (crocheted), I’ve started one for my daughter, and just started organizing my office/craft room. One project for Christmas gift is done and I’m calling today to book our Christmas photos appointment. I know – crazy, right?! This morning I went through papers that were in the “to scrapbook but don’t really know what to do with it” pile and got the kids papers/art sorted by year. The plan is to organize books for each of them with their

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The Basement

I got the basement really on a roll and now hubby and I have a “plan” for getting rid of stuff. I have tons of items on Kijiji. No kitchen sink but there is a fridge! I’m adding more to it this morning. I’m practically giving the stuff away so we can have room for hubby to tear down some poorly designed layout walls in the basement bathroom (from the previous owner). This will open it up and allow for the window to shine light into the dark spaces of the basement. Once that is knocked down we are moving

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Reasons Why I Work From Home

When I decided not to go back to work outside of the home I sat down and wrote a list of reasons why to stay home. As I’ve just accepted a third child care client (in addition to my own two kids) all of whom are two-years-old or younger I wanted to remind myself just why this is. 1. so my kids won’t fall asleep while crying at the front door for me to come back and take them home from the babysitter 2. to raise our children with our morals and values 3. so I will not miss developmental

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Our Garden

My husband is an avid gardener. Let’s just put it this way … if he didn’t do it I’d either hire someone or be musing about how fast weeds grow and multiply. Anyhow, he is so passionate about it he even gets plants growing in the colder months from seed. He has the basement all set up with fancy plant growing lights and trays of seed and soil. I don’t ask – as long as it’s out of my way I’m okay. So he plants these seedlings that he’s done for months and months into the garden and within a

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Another interesting article from the Jesuit prayer site my own grandmother is a member of. “Being a grandparent has many bonuses. It is more agreeable than being in charge. You shed the power of authority, and also shed the distance which it imposes. Children use their grandparents in a particular way. They can be very direct and contemporary in their comments. A friend was telling his granddaughter a story when she interrupted, ‘Fast forward, please, grandpa.’ Grandparents can be safe people to talk to. Children know they can count on affection, and need not fear retribution if they tell things

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African Lion Safari

On Tuesday, June 24, 2008 we finally took the plunge and took our two little ones to the African Lion Safari (near Cambridge, Ontario) in addition to the two kiddies I baby-sit (ages 1 and 2). Thank goodness my hubby was there to help out. “African Lion Safari is a Canadian owned family business created in the name of conservation. Our manner of exhibiting animals is completely different from the traditional approach; that is, the visitor is caged in the car, and the animals roam in 2 to 20 hectare (5 to 50 acre) reserves.We first opened the gates to

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Feeding Baby Travis for the first time!

Travis is doing fantastic. He is five-and-a-half months old and last time I checked he weighed 17 pounds. Ava was 21 pounds at one year old. Although I am still breastfeeding we had to start Travis on solids about a month ago because he has doubled his birth weight. Travis is very different from Ava. Ava is very strong-willed and spirited and Travis is relaxed and content (unless he has a dirty bum or is hungry or tired). He just started chatting baby talk this past week and wow does he chatter for a long time and very loudly (to

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