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June 2015 Crafts

June was spent mostly with panic decluttering and cleaning before school let out on the 26th. I am happy to say that the main areas I needed to get done were completed just in time! Goals that I had that were not completed: Make PM shams (sew & quilt) Sew Santa Gift Bags Etsy Item ~ Knit or Crochet Elsa Hat & Cape set Projects that were completed:Knit TR hockey sweater (purchase and install zipper) LongArm Quilt (client) ~ Complete June 30 Charity ~ Quilt & Bind 2 Victoria’s Quilts ~ 1 Complete June 13 Sew Label to PM Quilt ~ Complete June

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May 2015 Crafts

In May I had a pretty big creative list. 2 items did not get complete – sewing Santa Gift Bags (again) as when I sat down to make them I realized I need to buy materials for this project and making pillow shams to match a quilt I completed last month. I did complete a custom white cotton crochet bikini for a client but she took it before I remembered to take photos. I still have two more to make in June and I’ll be sure to photograph them! Crochet baby cardigan & hat set with alpaca yarn and list in

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April 2015 Crafts

How is it the middle of May and I haven’t done my April craft summary? I’m chalking it up to the nice weather having me outside and my Spring Cleaning focus taking up the other part of my in-house time. I had 12 goals for the month. I completed 8 and made great progress on the others. I’m happy with that!1. Quilt 3 Victoria’s Quilts donation ~ 1 Completed 2. Piece + Quilt King-Sized Gift Quilt ~ Completed April 5 3. Quilt for Tammy (client) ~ Completed April 5 4. Knit my son a hockey sweater (pattern link) ~ In Progress 5. Knit Mother/Daughter Scarf Set ~ Completed April 14 6. Knit

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March 2015 Crafts

In March I set a list of 10 items I wanted to get done. I forgot that March break was there where I basically was at the mercy of my school-agers and I got really sick with the flu the week before that. Here is the summary of my goals and how I managed. 1. Complete my daughter’s queen-size quilt!! This was my biggest success especially as her birthday was in March. I will do a separate post soon on this with all the details. Here is a sneak peek at it on the bed. 2. Knit alpaca wristers (FREE pattern link)

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February 2015 Crafts

February was a very productive month. I set out to complete 6 projects and I did them all! 1. Piece my daughter’s quilt 2. Quilt for Jean M. 3. Knit Alpaca Hat (FREE pattern link) I don’t seem to have a picture of the finished hat but this is me starting and what it will look like when done. I worked it in a warm brown. 4. Knit Alpaca Fingerless Mittens (FREE pattern link) 5. Crochet Valentines Day wreath for my door I got all the flowers done but I couldn’t find a box cutter to cut my backing. I’m

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Monthly Roundup – January 2015

January 2015 was a great month in terms of my Weight Loss Journey 2015. I focused myself, set goals, and am on my way to living healthier and being more fit. If you missed it, you can catch up here, in order from the beginning.Weight Loss Journey – The HistoryThe Start of 2015Weight Journey – Day 1Weight Journey – Day 2Weight Journey – Day 3Weight Journey – Day 4Weight Journey – Day 5Weight Journey – Day 6Weight Journey – Weekend Update 1Weight Journey – Day 7Weight Loss Inspiration from Bridget JonesWeight Journey – Day 8Weight Journey – Day 9Weight Journey

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My Top Blog Posts of All Time

I haven’t done a post round-up in a very long time. I am going to try to do them monthly from now on. To kick-start this, here are my top viewed posts of all time! I believe it shows you all like crochet and organizing. 1. My Inexpensive Machine Quilt Frame2. Home Organization 101 – Kitchen & Pantry Update3. Mobile Command Center4. The Junk Cupboard5. Crochet Baby Chicks in Egg Shells6. Crochet Birthday Party7. March 2013 Completed Projects8. Son’s Bedroom (not pictured)9. Crochet Minion Hats FREE Pattern10. Crochet Batman Hat – FREE Pattern!

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June 2013 Completed Projects

I was very ambitious for my June 2013 goals. I should have known better than to make one so long. The warm weather makes it harder for me to get things in the house accomplished. It didn’t help that it was either humid or raining so painting the kids stove and table/chair set didn’t work since it wouldn’t have dried. It also didn’t help that my scanner/printer (which we haven’t used in years) isn’t working and I need to figure out why not and if I can fix it. I was able to find the software to download online but

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April 2013 Completed Projects

I had an extremely productive month. Click on the links below to read more details about the projects. Baby Burp Cloths Giant Granny Square crochet baby blanket A-Z Baby quilt TMNT Donatello Mask TMNT Shell Backpack Custom Native Hand Drum Bag UFO #5 piece top Christmas table runner Crochet Tacky Christmas Sweater Baby Quilt #2 I also made it a priority to (finally) watch the Craftsy Serging Course I purchased a few months ago. I am so glad I did – now I’m inspired to tackle spring/summer clothes for the kids and I!

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March 2013 Completed Projects

March was a very productive month. I was able to mend a few items (snow pants and pajamas) as well as complete several projects and prepare fabric for future ones. First, our daughter’s 7th birthday and party was March 17th. The invitations had an ice cream cone made of yarn look and she was very taken by the theme. So, I crocheted 12 ice cream purses for her crochet-themed birthday party.   We are welcoming several babies. I found this great tutorial from Missouri Quilt Company on how to make baby blankets. I made two of these and I love

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