March 2015 Crafts

In March I set a list of 10 items I wanted to get done. I forgot that March break was there where I basically was at the mercy of my school-agers and I got really sick with the flu the week before that.

Here is the
summary of my goals and how I managed.

1. Complete my daughter’s queen-size quilt!! This was my biggest success especially as her birthday was in March. I will do a separate post soon on this with all the details. Here is a sneak peek at it on the bed.

2. Knit alpaca wristers (FREE pattern link)

3. Knit ER wristers with sock yarn (Did Not Happen)

4. Cut pieces for a king-size quilt. I not only did this but I got a lot of it pieced also!! I’m using “The Big Star Quilt” pattern by the Missouri Star Quilt Company. (FREE pattern link)

5. Longarm Quilt a queen-size quilt for a client. I was waiting for the client to make some decisions so it is delayed until beginning of April (Did Not Happen)
6. Longarm Quilt a generous queen-size quilt for a client. This is waiting until I can get to my mother-in-laws and use her king-size frame (Did Not Happen)

7. Longarm Quilt 2 baby donation for Project RED

8. Crochet 2 squares Stay-Cation Afghan (Did Not Happen)

9. Knit TR hockey sweater. I am using a Mary Maxim pattern for a Child`s Hockey Sweater. I love how it is turning out so far, despite some bobbin “how do you use these again“ moments.
10. Create 2 items and post to Etsy shop. I did this also and made a pretty Spring Cloche hat and listed it on the shop. (FREE pattern link) The second one I did not make but I added a few listings. I am aiming for one new creation to add to the shop per week to get my inventory up.

    What are my April goals? Check them out on my Crafts page. I keep them up to date if you want to know what I’ve accomplished during the month. As I write a blog post I also include the link there.

    What do you hope to create in April?

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    16 thoughts on “March 2015 Crafts

    1. OMGoodness the quilts are so beautiful!!! I have wanted one for so long but that is simply not a skill I have been blessed with. Absolutely Beautiful!

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