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General Decluttering Tips

Let Me Help You Get Control! If I could help you get control of your home, is that something you’d be interested in? If you said yes, I want to introduce you to my Decluttering Challenge. It is a free series of email I created to help those of us who are overwhelmed by the “stuff” in our homes. Today we are reviewing some tips for the first day, General Decluttering. General Decluttering Tips I do a general decluttering when I look around and get completely overwhelmed with “stuff”everywhere. I go through some phases where I don’t see it (perhaps

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Declutter Your House: FREE Challenge

Before we get started, I want you to know that it is 5 days until my wedding collection is released!! I don’t know about you but I tend to think clearer when my home is organized. Part of my 2016 goals are to get my home decluttered so that it looks and feels larger and I don’t feel the stress of all the “stuff” surrounding me. I find that, especially in the winter months when I’m stuck in the house, it seems like there’s a bigger mess. The walls start to close in on me and I respond to it

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Smart Ideas for Living Room Storage

Thank you to today’s blogger, Patricia Cornwell. The living room is a central place in every home because people spend most of their time lying on the couch, listening to music, reading a book or watching a TV program. Despite its size, you need to figure out clever ways to store your stuff so that it looks and feels bigger. There are a variety of options. Stores are fraught with shelves, cabinets, coffee tables and furnishings that do a great job at beautifying your living space as well as providing enough storage space. All you have to do is consider

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Spring Clean 2015 – Basement Play Area

In last week’s Spring Clean 2015 – Basement Family Room post, I mentioned I was on a tight deadline to finish decluttering and cleaning the basement. This area had become a dumping ground for what I was decluttering in the upper 2 floors and I didn’t know what to do with it. I am happy to say that school let out and I was ready for an added play space for my schoolagers! I am happy to say that I got it done just in time for school to let out. The kids loved their new space to move about

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Spring Clean 2015 – Basement Family Room

I finally got up the courage to tackle the “scary basement”. This was where everything had gone from my decluttering and sorting of the upper two floors. I realized that school was going to be out for the summer and I was hoping to have movies and big kid activities in this space. It took me a little longer because I chose to do sections and then deep clean the sections as I went. Our windows have never looked cleaner and isn’t it amazing the cobwebs and dust that can accumulate even when buried under “stuff”! In the before state

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First Week of Summer Break

First of all, HAPPY CANADA DAY to all my Canadians out there!!! This is the first week home with the children since school let out. Last week I was rushing about like a mad-woman decluttering the basement so that we would have a nice area to escape the heat and for movie time where I could get a little bit of a break and catch up on what I need to do. I barely got it done but it’s definitely in good condition for them to play with lots of space! On Sunday night I had a brainstorm on some

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Spring Clean 2015 ~ Master Bedroom

I’m happy to say that the master bedroom only needed a little bit of picking up. Interested in doing yours but don’t know where to start? Here is a detailed cleaning list of the Master Bedroom from my favourite cleaning gal, the FlyLady. I do cherish this space as my get away and relax space so it is a priority to keep tidy. There is only one before and after to illustrate this. I got the 2″ blinds, windows washed and screens cleaned and I flipped the mattress plus got in along the edges of the baseboards and wiped them plus

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