Organize Kid Snacks In Your Pantry

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Do you want to encourage independence in your children? Here are some easy tips to organize kids snacks in your pantry so they can help themselves.
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Today, Kaitlin Krull from Modernize shares tips to help you organize kid snacks in your pantry.

The Scenario

Picture this: you’ve just arrived home from school. Your kids have settled down at the table to start their homework or gone upstairs to play and you have finally sat down for five minutes’ peace. All of a sudden someone wants you to come and make them a snack. Break time over.

If this sounds familiar, never fear – we at Modernize have come up with a solution to your snack time problems.

Here are some tips to help you organize your pantry so your children will be able to help themselves.

Get Organized

Before you designate any kid space in your pantry and start divvying out snacks, it’s important to get your pantry organized.

Your storage space will work best if you have open shelves and arrange like items together so you know where everything is.

Clear jars and containers help you (never mind the kids!) see where everything is and where everything should be.

This will save you time whenever you need to find something, restock, or direct the kids to the pantry.

Don’t forget to sort through your cans, jars, and baking supplies and get rid of any out of date items. You can also donate anything you won’t likely use before it goes out of date.

Make It Accessible

The next step in the pantry organization is accessibility. There’s no point designating a kid section of the pantry if it’s out of reach or in a dangerous spot. Reserve the lower shelves for their cereals, snacks, and baking supplies so they can have easy access.

Keep your own special treats, alcohol, sharps, and glass well out of reach or locked away. If you need to have children’s items higher up, have a sturdy step-stool that everyone knows how to use safely.

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Label Clearly

Once you’ve cleared your pantry of the old, it’s time to organize for the new. Labelling food items is essential if your end goal is for your children to help themselves.

For younger but still independent kids, picture labels are fantastic, if slightly time-consuming, resource.

Print, laminate if you so desire and stick labels where you want things to go. Chalkboard tags are an attractive way to label dry goods for easy identification. Plus, they can be reused and swapped out easily.

Grab And Go

If you have a few extra minutes after your weekly grocery shop or after the kids have gone to bed, this step really will save you time over the course of the week.

A wicker basket, plastic storage bag, or other receptacle filled with portioned out snacks for kids to take whenever they get hungry makes a huge difference when it comes to independence in the kitchen.

Take your organization one step further after you’ve portioned out your snacks by labeling the bags with your kids’ names and you can help save them from overeating and fighting over the last bag of Goldfish.

Enlist the help of your older children for this job if time is short. Once they get the hang of it, it can be part of their weekly chores.


Once you organize kid snacks in your pantry and stocked it with kid-friendly foods, knowledge is the key to success when it comes to self-sufficiency.

Have your kids help during the pantry setup so they know where everything lives and how and where to put it away after use. Involve the whole family in the weekly shop, putting away groceries, and during pantry restocking and cleaning times.

If you follow all these steps and everyone is well informed, you and your kids will be on your way to an independent, snack grabbing family.

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Let’s Hear From You

What is your favourite take-away from Organize Kid Snacks In Your Pantry that you can implement in your home? Tell me in the comments!

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This post was updated on August 28, 2020, from the originally published January 15, 2016 article.

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