Guest Post: Spicy Coconut Cashew Eggrolls Recipe

Today we welcome Amber as our guest blogger! Photo Credit: The Hungry Mountaineer Hi! I’m Amber and I blog over at The Hungry Mountaineer. I love to share my adventures in travel, trail running and the great outdoors in general. Whether I am camping or fishing or just taking my dogs for an early morning forest hike, crazy things seem to happen to me. I love to write about all my mountain adventures above six thousand feet. In the last two years I have been trying to transform myself into an athlete and trail runner and turn my diet into

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Guest Post: Kale 3 Ways

Today Jenny from ChocolateNChildren is sharing 3 ways to enjoy kale! Growing up, one of my Dad’s favorite meals we something we called. Kale & Sausage. I was home a while back and my mom made it for us all and it was so good! I’ve never made it for my family because, well, they don’t like Kale. This year we’re doing a CSA and we had kale two weeks in a row. Since I love Kale, I’m excited, and I’m desperately trying to make something that everyone will eat. I’m making some progress and I hope that as the kids

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Guest Post: Banana Berry Nice Cream

Today Donna from Whole Food Bellies is going to share a recipe for Banana Berry Nice Cream. It is so simple to make and it tastes delicious! ABOUT DONNAHi I am Donna. Mom of two adorable little food monsters and wife to one big monster. For the last few years I have taken my little family on a whole food journey; and I blog about it. I share family friendly clean eating recipes, tips and tidbits about our experience along the way.I aim to create happy people and happier bellies by encouraging people to cut out harmful processed foods from

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Microwave Brownie Recipe

Image Credit I’m definitely not able to take the credit for inventing this recipe but I have made it and it was sure delicious! Thank you to Weelicious for this amazing dessert. Find the recipe here. 

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Reese Peanut Butter Fudge

It’s getting closer to Christmas day. I am so wanting to make some simple and sweet desserts. These just may do the trick! Photo Credit: I Heart Naptime Blog

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Classic Lemon Bars Recipe

Photo Source: Food Network I love desserts. My mother-in-law’s pies are at the top of the list (her recipe makes 6 pie crusts at a time. Yummmm!!). I don’t have a specific recipe for a dessert that is my favourite but when I’m making it if it isn’t fast and easy I don’t like it. If I am eating it from someone else I love it to be fancy! Today I’m craving lemon squares so here is a Classic Lemon Bars recipe I found from the Food Network that resembles the ones I like to eat. I have not tried

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Amazing Grout Cleaner

I should be finishing off the last two items on my April list of crafts (watching a Craftsy serger course and finishing top quilting a baby quilt). I got to checking Pinterest and found an “Amazing Grout Cleaner” homemade recipe by Unique. Just Like Everyone Else. I (foolishly) didn’t really believe it was as amazing as was claimed. I also didn’t have ammonia so I replaced it with bleach (note I did NOT MIX as this is toxic, I REPLACED). I started on a small spot. In the middle of my front hall (duh!). Thankfully it is a small space, but still

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Freezer Cooking

With a small family I carefully consider the food choices both in purchasing and cooking. I prepare a monthly menu plan to reduce cost and efficiently use up the foods that we have purchased. I try to reduce processed foods but some days it’s either frozen chicken nuggets for dinner or a peanut butter sandwich. When I do have bursts of energy for cooking or baking I like to try to prepare frozen items from scratch that I know our family will enjoy and that will be a healthier choice. I’ve been inspired by Money Saving Mom and her “4

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Homemade Taco Seasoning

I have been meaning to make my own taco seasoning for a while. The timing was fabulous when I received this post from A Pretty Life In The Suburbs with a recipe. I tried it the other night for our Taco Casserole and it turned out amazing. I made extra to keep for future dishes! Homemade Taco Seasoning1 tbsp chili powder1 tsp cumin1 tsp paprika1 tsp oregano1 tsp sugar1 tsp garlic powder1 tsp onion powder1/2 tsp salt This is enough seasoning for about 1-2 lbs of ground beef.

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