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How to Make A Button for your Blog

I have done a lot over my many years of blogging (I’m entering my 7th year!!) but I have yet to make a blog button.  If you are ready to make your own blog button, Jess at A Few of My Favorite Things has a very comprehensive HTML tutorial for you.  If you make one, please post below so I can admire your creative handi-work! I think party I have not created one is because I’m not really sure how I would use one. Do you have one and how do you use it?

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How to Make A Scroll Box for your Blog Button

Last week I showed you a tutorial on how to make a button for your blog.  This week we are going to look at making a scroll box for your blog button which is the code so that others can copy and paste it to their blogs and get your blog name out there! I wrote about this in April 2010 but thought it would be fitting to re-post it following my short Tech Talk series.

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The Benefits of Blog Roundups

I’m considering do a regular round up of my blog posts but wasn’t precisely sure of the benefits. Harsh Agrawal at the Shout Me Loud blog does an excellent job of explaining the Importance of Roundup of Blog Posts. I’m going to look into it a bit more thanks to this wonderful advice. If you have a blog or a newsletter, do you do a regular roundup of your posts? If so, how often and what format do you use? I’m linking at these parties.

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Add Multiple Posts Under Different Pages in Blogger

The Universal Blogging Tips blog came to the rescue when I was looking to highlight some of my regular posts by giving them their own pages on my blog. Here is a step by step guide to add multiple posts under different pages in blogger. I hope you find it as helpful as it was for me. Did you try it and how did it go?I’m sharing this blog post at these linky parties.

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How to Add a Link to a Comment

You know how sometimes when you comment you want to add a link? Well Erin from Crafts and Sutch has a tutorial to teach us all how to do it. It makes it so easy and definitely encourages some comment love! Credit: Crafts and Sutch blog

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Social Media

Photo Credit This month I’ve stepped it up with The Ruthless Crafter business. I’ve made a conscious effort to make regular social media posts and interact with those communities. I even signed up for PayPal and made an online shop on my Facebook business page. I’m so proud of myself for taking this seriously and now I have some custom orders coming my way plus I am starting to acquire followers in all forms of the social media accounts I have who are not just family and friends. Not bad since I only really got it up and running in

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How to Make a Scroll Box for Your Blog Button

Thanks to A Few of my Favorite Things for this tutorial on how to make a scroll box for your blog button where she shows you how to create the box of code so other bloggers can take your button if they would like one. If you don’t have a blog button, there is also a tutorial on how to make a blog button.

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