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Halloween Spider Craft for Kids ~ Tutorial

Welcome Katy from Queen of the Kings! Today she’s sharing a great craft to do with the kids to decorate your home for Halloween! * ~ * ~ * Hi there! So glad to be back guest posting for Elizabeth! If you’re anything like me, then you are counting down the days until fall officially arrives! I love everything about it – the smells, the sweaters, the soups and the super cute crafts! I especially love projects that include things we already have AND that the kids can actually truly participate in! All you need is paint, pipe cleaners, googly

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Wild Kratts Costume Reveal & Instructions

I was going through the photos on my iPhone earlier today and I realized I never showed the final Wild Kratts costumes. In September 2014 I did a “How to Make a Wild Kratts Costume” tutorial. I ended up buying cotton tee shirts and cropping them. I hemmed the bottom of the shirt and then got felt and zig-zag stitched the rectangles and circles. Finally, I got some clear plastic from a bag that came with a sheet set and I zig-zag stitched it on the sides and bottom. This lets the kids insert their “creature power discs” no problem.

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DIY Bleach Spray Shirt in 10 Minutes

The kids have a few tee shirts that have had spills on them. This would be a great idea to give new life to those shirts. Thank you to Practically Functional for this tutorial. Credit: Practically Functional blog

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101 Creative Christmas Card Ideas

Hopefully your Christmas cards have been made well in advance, but just in case (or if you are planning next year’s already!) here are 101 Creative Christmas Card Ideas from The Dating Divas blog. This year we did the “mistletoes” idea and I love how it turned out!

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DIY Ornament Ideas

My 8 year old daughter has recently decided she wants to learn to sew. Wouldn’t it be fun to have her decorate the mini Christmas tree in her room with ornaments she has made by herself? Check out Lou Lou Girls for 12 DIY ornament ideas you can make to celebrate the season. I would love for you to share in the comments below Christmas ornaments or crafts you have made yourself to decorate your home! Happy crafting! Photo Credit: Lou Lou Girls blog

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How to Make a Wild Kratts Costume

My 6 year old son loves the Wild Kratts. Haven’t heard of them? They are real-life brothers, Martin and Chris Kratt, who are zoologists. They teach kids all about different animals and how to respect them. They even identify each creature’s “super powers”. After they study an animal for a while and determine it’s creature power, they put on a creature power suit that gives them the super power. It’s a very educational program and I love supporting his watching it. When my son asked for his own creature power suit (and then my 8 year old daughter wanted one

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Play Stove Makeover

When I cleaned up the baseboards and door trim in the house I realized how amazing a wee coat of paint will do to make things feel and look (and smell) new again! Today I took a long hard look at the play oven we had in our playroom. My father-in-law had made it when my husband was a little boy. It went through six children at that point and was stored for many years until we got it. It goes perfect with our kitchen sink. I love it! Since it definitely was showing it’s age from years of play

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TMNT Mask Finish and Turtle Shell To Make

The boy and I spent a great day together while the girl and her father went visiting. The boy apparently had plans for me making him some exciting Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (TMNT) costumes for him. As a good mother (who was being told “Crochet! Crochet! Is it done yet? Crochet!”) I created a Pinterest TMNT board with ideas so he could decide what exactly I was to make him. He reviewed it many times throughout the day. He decided on a Donatello (the purple turtle) mask. We chose the right shade of purple and I used this tutorial from

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Crochet Birthday Loot Bags

Last week I booked a party room at Michaels and arranged to have a crochet teacher come in to teach my daughter and her grade one friends for her 7th birthday.I was pretty proud of myself for coming up with the idea. I figured my daughter would be very excited as I have tried to teach her over and over without success (she is a lefty and I am a righty, I am mom so she knows better so she’d disbelieve what I was telling her, and so on). She came home from school and I excitedly told her what

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How to Make a Jedi Light Saber

The last week of February our family visited Disney Orlando. It was so much fun! The children’s interests really surprised me. The little guy was enthralled by the Jedi training. We didn’t get him registered to go up on the stage (I thought he would be too scared) but it was all he could talk about the rest of the day! When we got home he continued to talk about how much fun it was and asked if we could make a light saber for him. Thank you Pinterest and fellow bloggers for tutorials on how to make a simple, kid (and

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