How to Make a Wild Kratts Costume

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My 6 year old son loves the Wild Kratts. Haven’t heard of them? They are real-life brothers, Martin and Chris Kratt, who are zoologists. They teach kids all about different animals and
how to respect them. They even identify each creature’s “super powers”. After they study an animal for a while and determine it’s creature power, they put on a creature power suit that gives them the super power. It’s a very educational program and I love supporting his watching it.

When my son asked for his own creature power suit (and then my 8 year old daughter wanted one too) I put my thinking cap on. Thank goodness for Pinterest! I did a search and found some fantastic and easy tutorials to make one. Here is a summary of my Pinterest search if you want to make one also.

Follow Elizabeth’s board Wild Kratts Creature Power Suits on Pinterest.

The plan… I sent hubby to Wal-Mart to purchase a black tee shirt and a pink tee shirt. I found some felt in similar colours in my stash of fabrics and now my plan is to cut them out similar to the “official” creature power suit. Originally my intention was to sew some circles on and that would be that. The kids, however, have bigger plans! They have asked me to remove the sleeves and shorten the tee shirt so it is more like a vest. I may even take off the side seam and add Velcro. I have all the pieces and now I need to get making on it! Will keep you posted on how it goes.

**UPDATE: check out how the turned out here**

Here is an “in progress” view

I also heard they are going to be in our area in December/January. I may have to make them extra well so we can show them off if we go!!

Have you ever made a child a costume? Did you like how it turned out? Did they?

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