Closet Decluttering

I can craft or clean but for some reason not both. I have been doing a lot of crafting lately (I have photos I plan to upload and show you). Although I love crafting, when that is happening the house doesn’t get looked at. With the change in seasons I am
digging into some very full closets to get out what we will need and put away others. I do a fairly regular job at clearing out drawers and such but now I have 3 sizes that my son has suddenly outgrown and about the same for my daughter. Closets are wonderful for hiding all of these piles (and the ones where you stuff random toys into a laundry basket or bin and shove into the closet to deal with later). This week is that week where I will deal with them.

Part of my problem is that when I choose to sell items I don’t know where to store them until they are gone. This time I’m wandering around with my camera and deciding to keep the items where they are while waiting for them to sell. A few wins here – I don’t have to find a space for it and I will know where it is when someone claims it. If it’s been sitting there for that long obviously it has a place and now it just needs to wait for the right reason to evict!

So far I have listed (to sell on a local Facebook board) 7 pairs of boys shoes and a ton of diapers that we haven’t used in 4 years!! I’m going to focus on a few items/bags each day to break it up.

How do your closets look? How often do you tackle them?

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