YARN: The Movie

Initial Introduction to the Movie This weekend I watched the movie “YARN”. I originally learned about it after having watched Vickie Howell’s interview with the co-directors/producers Heather Millard & Thordur Jonsson. My interest piqued when Vickie explained that it really is a documentary about yarn. I wondered, what does the documentary have to say about yarn for an entire movie? Apparently a lot! Yarn In The World The movie explored yarn and how it is being used as art and function world-wide. It is fascinating how many ways knit and crochet fiber artists uniquely bring yarn into the world for

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Autumn 2015 Collection

I have been very quiet for the last month because I’ve been rushing to get out my Autumn collection! I’m so very proud of my first attempt at a collection and I know there is more planned (I have the next 3 started in my mind!). I’M SO HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE THE AUTUMN COLLECTION FOR 2015! Why put on the same accessories year after year? Your outfits are BEGGING for fresh, new fashion! Your outfits are begging for our Knit Scarves, Shawls & Wraps! YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS! For a limited time, you will be able to grab our new

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Keeping Busy with Crafts

I haven’t had the mindset or the arm strength to finish any projects but here is what I’m playing with this week craft-wise. I wasn’t really looking for a new project but I found this really fun pattern that uses two contrasting variegated yarn colours to make a scarf. This yarn is Bernat Mosaic. I’m loving how it’s working up! I have some gorgeous alpaca/silk blend yarn to crochet a pair of baby sandals. Still on the first one but isn’t it adorable?! I’m working on machine quilting this lovely quilt to be donated through the Victoria’s Quilt organization. After several

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Knit Hockey Sweater

This winter we have been overwhelmed by our first year of ringette and hockey. During one of my daughter’s ringette tournaments, I convinced my son to come to the Mary Maxim store that was just a few minutes from where we were. He is the BEST person to shop with for yarn! He’s only 7 and he kept offering to hold my ever-growing pile of yarn. He said “Mom, as long as I can carry it, you can buy it”.  Well, we loaded him up and all his bends too (you know, armpits, elbows, neck) so he wouldn’t drop it.

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2-Colour Brioche Knit Stitch

Brioche stitch (front on left, back on right) Credit: the Brioche Stitch blog  “The Brioche Stitch (or combination of stitches) creates a pretty, flat, double-sided fabric.” ( To learn how to knit up this stitch pattern, check out Very Pink for a how-to video tutorial. If you prefer to follow a written instruction, here is a link to the Brioche Stitch blog with one. I’m thinking I might try this on a winter hat – double strands = double warmth and it will be reversible also. If you try it out, please share pictures as I’d love to view your creations.

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Armchair Caddy FREE Knit Pattern

There are so many evenings that I sit on the couch to knit or crochet while unwinding in front of a television show with my husband. I would love to sit closer to him but it is more often than not that the couch and ottoman are covered with my project accessories. Sound familiar? Perhaps one of these days I will make this knit Armchair Caddy from the free pattern provided by Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores. Credit: Joanns Fabric & Craftstore

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Organize Your Craft Room

Yarn Storage System by Repeat Crafter Me It’s that time of year when many crafters decide to clean up their crafting space to bring in the new year. Here are 15 Ideas to Help Organize Your Craft Room by Megan Anderson. What is your favourite? I think I like the fabric and yarn ideas as those are the fibers that I mostly work with. What are your plans to organize your creative area?

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How to find a Pattern with Only a Picture

I’m not sure if I should squeal in delight over this tutorial by Moogly or close the computer tab and pretend I didn’t hear about it. This is going to be such an enabling device. Okay, I’m embracing it – it will save me hours and hours. Thank you Moogly!!  Credit: Moogly blog

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