Organize Your Craft Room

Yarn Storage System by Repeat Crafter Me

It’s that time of year when many crafters decide to clean up their crafting space to bring in the new year.

Here are 15 Ideas to Help Organize Your Craft Room by Megan Anderson. What is your favourite? I think I like the fabric and yarn ideas as those are the fibers that I mostly work with.

What are your plans to organize your creative area?

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2 thoughts on “Organize Your Craft Room

  1. Hey when the secret elves get done with Irene's room, can they come to mine? Actually, they need to move in and just stay here forever. I have a big problem – i go in, clean it up and organize everything. Then I have a hard time finding stuff so have to dig around making a mess, do a few crafts, grab some yarn, sew or what have you. Then it's a mess again!! I think I am going to have to just give in and get more bins. I sure am not giving up any of my stuff! Lol

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