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Back to School Crochet Dress

In the nick of time (last Friday) I finished the final stitches on this adorable back to school dress for my daughter’s first day of grade 3.I used a variegated cotton yarn to keep it cool. Can you tell the part where I started a new ball on the dress? (hint it’s where the zigs really zag!). The fun of variegated yarn is that you have no control over how it will work up. I do like the sass it adds to the skirt. More importantly, my daughter loves it and wore it Saturday as well as the first day!

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Back to School 2014

This weekend is the last long weekend of the summer and then it’s back to school on Tuesday! A few weeks ago I started to panic about it. I have no idea why but for some reason I think I must declutter and get things out of the house to make room for all the papers and such that come home each day. It doesn’t help that I still have to sort through all the items they brought home at the beginning of the summer! I also feel that a clean home will make it easier to do homework in.

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Cleaning Lunch Containers and School Bags

Every year I get a little “back to school freak out” going on. I have no idea why. It’s a mix of excitement, anxiousness, and what do I need to do all racing around my brain. Earlier this month I went through the children’s drawers to clean out the too-small items. I stocked up on what we were low on and hubby bought them new indoor and outdoor shoes at a back-to-school BOGO sale. To avoid full-out panic I’m trying to do one thing a day. Today it’s laundering the lunch bags and back packs. Somehow we have a ton

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Organizing Homework Station and Art Supplies

It’s been driving me crazy all summer. In preparation for the summer I gathered all the kid arts and crafts supplies and put them in one space – on the dining room buffet. Then came all the homework and art papers from school. Then the kids came home and summer pulled us ahead and we made new crafts to add to the pile and then it was just a big hot mess. These photos are taken after I had pulled a lot of it off of the buffet and floor to organize like-with-like but it gives you a sense of

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My Back to School List

I checked out a bunch of back to school lists. Great shopping lists but I find that none of them are really applicable to junior kindergarten and the teachers where we attend school provide their own supply list on the first day of school. What I really wanted was a “what do I do to get ready for school” list. So I created my own. A fall-cleaning/figure out the needs list for clothing, shoes, jackets, boots, school bags, etc. Sort through dress shoes, sandals/water shoes/crocs, running shoes, rain boots, winter boots. Sort through jackets by season spring/fall, winter, rain plus

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