Back to School 2014

This weekend is the last long weekend of the summer and then it’s back to school on Tuesday!

A few weeks ago I started to panic about it. I have no idea why but for some reason I think I must
declutter and get things out of the house to make room for all the papers and such that come home each day. It doesn’t help that I still have to sort through all the items they brought home at the beginning of the summer!

I also feel that a clean home will make it easier to do homework in. I suppose it is also a time for me to take inventory on what we will need for the year. Then I sat down and realized that it is a bit silly of me – it’s not as if there are not stores open all year round to get what we need when we need it but it is still an impulse that goes through me.

I wonder if it is a subconscious memory from when I was growing up. Either way my house is (getting) less cluttered and I’m starting to look forward to Tuesday.

How do you prepare yourself, your house and your children for back to school?

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