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As we start our second week of school and the routine I crave I must admit I do miss the children. 

However, I do relish the routine. 
Don’t get me wrong, I do like the freedom and being together (all day every day) of the summer but it’s hard to keep things fresh for 8-9 weeks! That’s a lot of pressure on a parent. It’s nice when they are little and go wherever you want to go or have input into the schedule but once they get old enough to not like any ideas or, worse, shrug indifference at your plans it gets tedious and fast. 
During the school year we choose one or two extra curricular activities and we always know where we will be Wednesday nights, etc. 
I also know when I’ll be able to fit in time for crafting without having to squeeze it in on a summer rainy day or rush to get it done before a vacation! đŸ˜‰

Hey, wait a minute! I found this comic and I realized that I like routine but my kids don’t get it. Then I get frustrated – until they are out the door and then MY routine comes together. Yes, THAT’s what I mean when I say I love the school year routine!!

What is your favourite part of the fall or a more regular routine (especially if you have children)?
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