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First Day of School

Yesterday morning I woke up with back-to-school jitters. I’ve no idea why – I’m not going back to school and my daughter only starts for one hour this Thursday. Maybe it is because summer officially ends (in my mind) when school starts. Perhaps it is that I wish I were going to school myself in some sort of course OR maybe it is all those days as a child playing teacher that I wish I were a teacher. Whatever the reason, this time of year brings about a certain excitement and anxiety that I cannot explain. As the kids start

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The School Bus

Since this past February we have been talking about Ava going to junior kindergarten. There has been a great debate as to whether we send her to the Catholic School or the Public School. There are pros and cons to both. Alas, we made our decision and she starts on September 7th for her first hour, then the next week it’s one full day with half her class and the Friday September 17th she starts full time.The school where she will attend offers alternate full-day kindergarten. Thankfully both of my children are born at the beginning of the year so

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