My Back to School List

I checked out a bunch of back to school lists. Great shopping lists but I find that none of them are really applicable to junior kindergarten and the teachers where we attend school provide their own supply list on the first day of school. What I really wanted was a “what do I do to get ready for school” list. So I created my own. A fall-cleaning/figure out the needs list for clothing, shoes, jackets, boots, school bags, etc.

  1. Sort through dress shoes, sandals/water shoes/crocs, running shoes, rain boots, winter boots.
  2. Sort through jackets by season spring/fall, winter, rain plus rain/wind/snow pants.
  3. Sort through summer hats. (You could go through winter hats/mitts/scarves also but I did this before I put them away last season).
  4. Sort through tee shirts and shorts.
  5. Sort through dresses and skirts.
  6. Sort through long pants.
  7. Sort through long tee shirts and sweaters.
  8. Sort through pajamas.
  9. Sort through underwear, socks, tights, undershirts.

 As I go through all of these I am making notes of what I need to buy so that the kids are all stocked up for going to school.

I am also going to consider a homework station, a lunch/snack-making station, a “dump it” end of the day coming home station/system, a September menu. Ummm … probably other things I’m forgetting – care to share what else I need to consider??

Here are some links I’ve pinned to inspire me.

Homework Station
Back to School Station by The 36th Avenue
Organized Homework by Happy Canadian Home

Lunch & Snack Making Processes
How to Organize School Lunches by Organizing Made Fun
Lunch Box Printable Weekly Plan by My Pigeon Pair

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Elizabeth Ruth

Elizabeth Ruth

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