Pajama Pants

I had a lot of fun making pjs for my 7 year old daughter (in November 2013!). I bought flannel on sale but just guesstimated the amount I would need for pj bottoms. I guess I underestimated so I only had enough for three legs instead of four! I got creative and pieced together in mix-n-match fashion to make three pairs of pants for her. I figured for pjs it doesn’t matter if they fully match or not – and she loves them!


Photos 1) and 2) Each pant leg was a different panel. Here are the front and back views.
Photos 3) and 4) I did get one pair that had the back one fabric and the front another. They are fun.
Photo 2) again, I did get a third pair that were front left leg and back right leg but I don’t see a photo of them.

Have you ever gotten creative after having not purchased enough fabric or supplies for a project? I’d love to hear about how it turned out.

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