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Confirmation Gifts – Survival Kits From God

For some reason I cannot find the original post that I made on this. I found the photos of my “final” creations. I have one male and one female cousin in grade 8 who received the Catholic sacrament of Confirmation. I did a quick Internet search on creative gift ideas for these kids who have it all but would also be meaningful in a spiritual way. So I came up with these. I used baby jars (which I have lots of these days) and decorated them to give away. I hot glued buttons on one and pennies on the other.

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Toddler Tuesday

I signed out a craft book from the library so that I can start working on crafts with the kids. I’m quite nervous about this as I’ve never been interested in the mess of kids crafts. For my children I will do it, though. How do you plan for crafts? Where do you get your ideas? How do you deal with the mess or does it not bother you? What do you do with the crafts after they are done?

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