Halloween Spider Craft for Kids ~ Tutorial

Welcome Katy from Queen of the Kings! Today she’s sharing a great craft to do with the kids to decorate your home for Halloween!

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Hi there! So glad to be back guest posting for Elizabeth! If you’re anything like me, then you are counting down the days until fall officially arrives! I love everything about it – the smells, the sweaters, the soups and the super cute crafts! I especially love projects that include things we already have AND that the kids can actually truly participate in!

All you need is paint, pipe cleaners, googly eyes and egg cartons.

The first step is to cut the egg cartons. For bats – use three crates and for spiders just use one

Don’t let her cuteness fool you. She continued to grab the paint end of the brush and then say “Oh no, Mommy/Daddy…wash hands!”

Radley was not satisified with only getting to use the black paint so he decided that the single crates could be monsters and pumpkins, too! Except we didn’t have orange paint – to which he then let me know we could make it with red and yellow!

This was actually a pretty great way to keep them entertained – each kiddo painted 1 pumpkin/bat/monster/spider and I painted the rest.

Then, while the kids were napping, I took a small gauge screwdriver and poked holes in all the necessary places. If you decide to do this, make sure that you support the egg crate with your other hand so it doesn’t collapse while you are trying to make a hole.

Once everyone was awake they got to pick their color of pipe cleaners and finish off their pumpkins, monsters and spiders. They really had a lot of fun and got to be creative with hair/leg length as well as the eyes on each.

I bought three sizes of googly eyes – the kids only got to pick out the number of eyes they wanted and which sizes since we had to attach them with hot glue.

Radley was clearly busy concentrating on hair placement. The whole family got into it!

(Ryan was the only one that could do the spider legs. Me and patience aren’t so much friends and he had the idea to make the spider legs really long and creepy looking. They turned out great!)

I think they all turned out FANTASTIC!

It was a very fun, super cheap, extremely easy project. It got to showcase everyone’s personality and we all got to contribute. We made these three years ago and I still hang it up at Halloween!

Happy crafting! Enjoyed spending time with you!

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