Story Saturday

I read the book “Fruit” by Brian Francis. When I read the subtitle “a story about a boy and his nipples” I should have stopped there. But it is on the Canada Reads 2009 short list, so it must be good – right? It was weird. Sure there were some laugh out loud moments but it was really strange. I don’t recommend it.
Thirteen-year-old Peter Paddington is overweight, the subject of his classmates’ ridicule, and the victim of too many bad movie-of-the-week storylines. When his nipples begin speaking to him one day and inform him of their diabolical plan to expose his secret desires, Peter finds himself cornered in a world that seems to have no tolerance for difference. Peter’s only solace is “The Bedtime Movies” – perfect-world fantasies that lull him to sleep every night. But when the lines between Peter’s fantasies and his reality begin to blur, his hilarious adventures in overeating, family dysfunction, and the terrifying world of sexual awakening really begin.
I’m now reading “Lipstick Jungle” by Candace Bushnell. I need some light reading.
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