Crochet Birthday Loot Bags

Last week I booked a party room at Michaels and arranged to have a crochet teacher come in to teach my daughter and her grade one friends for her 7th birthday.

I was pretty proud of myself for coming up with the idea. I figured my daughter would be very excited as I have tried to teach her over and over without success (she is a lefty and I am a righty, I am mom so she knows better so she’d disbelieve what I was telling her, and so on). She came home from school and I excitedly told her what I had organized.

Her reaction was not what I had hoped “NO! I don’t WANT a crochet party!”. The only reason I booked it without her input was because I realised my window was closing to get a party organized since we had just returned from Disney and March Break was coming up so my chance to create a party and send out invitations was slowly closing.

She sort of came around as the week went by and then decided that she wanted her and the friends to make ice cream cones with yarn balls on them like the invitations. I wasn’t sure how that would work so we agreed that I would make each girl an ice cream cone purse.
Ice Cream Purse, Button, Yarn, Size 10mm Crochet Hook

It was to the wire but I finished making 12 purses and filled them with Ava’s help. Her enthusiasm is definitely up there as I overheard her telling her friend that she’s excited to learn to crochet at her birthday party. She even has her little brother wanting in on the crafting action!

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