First Week of Summer Break

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First of all, HAPPY CANADA DAY to all my Canadians out there!!!

This is the first week home with the children since school let out.

Last week I was rushing about like a mad-woman decluttering the basement so that we would have a nice area to escape the heat and for movie time where I could get a little bit of a break and catch up on what I need to do. I barely got it done but it’s definitely in good condition for them to play with lots of space!

On Sunday night I had a brainstorm on some teachable moments for the children as well as some help for me around the house. I want to instill good habits and keep them off electronics, not bored and also getting in some learning time while making it fun. Big goals, I know.

Sunday night we sat down and came up with a schedule for Monday (the first and the test day). They each wrote a list with my help. Monday looked like this:

8:30AM go for a walk or work out DVD if raining (30 minutes)
9:30AM library – sigh up for summer reading club, return books & videos, choose 1 chapter book each, pick up hold items
10:30AM snack
10:45AM weekly home blessing / cleaning hour
11:30AM set table, eat lunch, clean up from lunch
12:00PM nap (daycare children) and quiet activity (read for 20 minutes) then we can play a bit of Wii
1:20PM make homemade ice cream
2:00PM wake up time and outdoor recess / free play
3:00PM snack
3:30PM make schedule for Tuesday as a group

They are excited, I am excited, my timer is getting charged so we can keep the day moving along. It’s going to be a great summer if it works!

How do you get stuff done and keep the kids day full and fun?

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