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Crochet Birthday Party

Next Sunday is my daughter’s 7th birthday. She loves to watch me crochet and knit so I thought it would be a great idea to host a yarn crafting party for her. We are still working out the details of what would be appropriate for the grade one girls she has invited to join her. I booked the party room at our local Michaels and was promised the resident crochet teacher who will lead the class. (I have tried several times to teach her but I am right handed and she is left handed. Even using a mirror she finds

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2013 Colour of the Year

Did you know that years have colors? Emerald green has been named the 2013 color of the year. Here are two beautiful quilts that are inspiring me to make one!! “Celtic Jewel” by Happy Stash QuiltsYou can buy the pattern here. Mariners Quilt I don’t know about you but I’m inspired to try my hand at an emerald green quilt this year! What projects will you make this year that pay homage to this colour?

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Children’s Halloween Costumes

Have you started to think about Halloween costumes for your children? In August when I purchased a stack of patterns to sew (see them here), I stumbled across some adorable Halloween costumes. Butterick Pattern 3244 Travis is convinced he will be the astronaut. I think this is absolutely adorable!! Ava is somewhere between them all. Since it’s mid-September already, I’m going to make a concerted effort to finish the clothes pile before I go out and buy material for the Halloween items. So far I have 90% of a housecoat for Ava cut out (thanks to my Mom for helping

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What to do with Kids Beaded Creations

I was going through my Google Reader blog subscriptions today when I saw a post based on my comment/question to the blog author. It was a surprise but I’m really interested in the answer. Check out my Reader Question over at The Crafty Mummy. I’d really be interested in your thoughts on what you do with kids beaded creations. Please let her know I sent you – I’ll be looking for your answers!

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My Wee Knight

Here is the book photo … And here is my version … My little guy has been so secretive about his knight costume. He had it on and let me snap this photo. I made it big because this way he will be able to both grow into it and wear it over a coat on Halloween night. I also got a shield he made this summer laminated so he can wear it with him and it won’t get wet or ruined. I have enough extra yarn that I may whip up a Halloween trick-or-treat bag in the same colours.

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Crochet Baby Chicks in Egg Shells

Isn’t this the most adorable project you’ve ever seen? Thanks to Red Hot Fibers you can get the pattern for free. I’ve been working on some for a friend but they keep disappearing as my little ones play with them. Guess we’re getting a set, too!

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Homemade 3rd Birthday Boy Gifts

The last several days, instead of blogging I have been finishing projects. I finished knitting the hat that was for a hat and scarf gift set for my future-brother-in law. The hat didn’t quite make the debut date but without the pressure I got it done and am glad I waited instead of working myself in a tizzy to get it done. The scarf is grey with the cranberry at the two ends but I didn’t get a picture of it. I even got myself in there modeling the hat for you 😉 While knitting the scarf from the set

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Invasion of the Toys

I may not have been posting for the last few days because I have been busy finishing up some unfinished projects (I’ll post about those soon) and organizing ~ mainly the kitchen chaos. Now I am ready to start tackling the toys and the basement. Christmas is a wonderful time of year, however, now there are “special” toys in the children’s bedrooms, a bin or two of toys on the main floor and a basement full of toys in the basement that is currently being renovated to create the daycare playroom. I have come to the conclusion that children equal

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Daycare Planning & Basement Renovations

I am planning weekly themes and craft ideas for my home daycare. I feel good for having structure and lots of ideas. If only the kids appreciated the work that goes into the activities we do. Perhaps they do but when I pull it out and get them all running into the opposite direction that doesn’t help my ego or my patience. We are also planning to finish the basement. Problem is, hubby and I do not agree on how it should be finished so I am stalling. I have ideas, he has ideas, I have to live in the

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