Smart Ideas for Living Room Storage

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The living room is a central place in every home because people spend most of their time lying on the couch, listening to music, reading a book or watching a TV program. Despite its size, you need to figure out clever ways to store your stuff so that it looks and feels bigger. There are a variety of options. Stores are fraught with shelves, cabinets, coffee tables and furnishings that do a great job at beautifying your living space as well as providing enough storage space. All you have to do is consider all the options and find which things will work for you. Let us give you a hand. Read our clever ideas for living room storage to make the best decision.

Use the Back of the Sofa
What is the worse thing you could see when you enter a room – well, aside from a terrible mess, of course? The back of a couch. Yeah, it feels quite frustrating to be faced with the ugly back of furniture. It’s so unwelcoming. But if you can’t position your sofa any other way, no worries. You can fix this by adding a few shelves of drawers to the back (and sides of the sofa). You get a beautiful view with the added bonus of more storage space for all those photo albums, books, knick-knacks and all the things that you use on a weekly basis.

Opt for Double-Duty Furniture
An ottoman that serves as a storage area, coffee table and, well, an ottoman is a great pick if your living room space is confined. Or how about an armchair that offers storage space and can be made into a bed? The perfect solution when you need an extra bed. There is plenty of choice out there, from expandable coffee tables to a drawer that converts into a mini desk. No matter if your living room is big or small, multi-purpose furniture is the name of the game.

Use Shelves
Vertical storage is another game changer. One way to take advantage of the vertical space in your living room is by using shelves. Look around, there are tons of practical and stylish shelves that not only look good, but also save space. There are plenty of designs and it’s easy to find the perfect fit. Look at antique stores, furniture stores and – why not – Amazon and Walmart.

Go for Seagrass Furniture
Again, consider using furnishings that double as storage space. A big ottoman with built-in storage that can also be used as a coffee table is a perfect pick. It is easy to move around (choose a rolling one), it can hold a number of things and it still makes your living room beautiful. Seagrass furniture can blend into almost any design, it is practically a timeless choice and it looks good. Plus, it kind of brings nature into your home. Hint from HomeCleaners Ealing: it’s easy to clean and it doesn’t stain easily.

Take Advantage of Built-in Storage
There are a whole host of furnishings that provide built-in storage, from armchairs to coffee tables, sofas and settees. The options are plentiful. The best thing about built-in storage is that you can hide a number of items that you need but that aren’t beautiful and do not necessarily have to be kept out on display. Additionally, you can store extra sheets and blankets, magazines, books that you don’t even think about and all the things that aren’t currently in use but that still serve a great purpose.

With these ideas in mind, head to the store and get the best furniture pieces for your living room.

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