Spring Clean 2015 – Basement Family Room

I finally got up the courage to tackle the “scary basement”.

This was where everything had gone from my decluttering and sorting of the upper two floors. I realized that school was going to be out for the summer and I was hoping to have movies and big kid activities in this space. It took me a little longer because I chose to do sections and then deep clean the sections as I went. Our windows have never looked cleaner and isn’t it amazing the cobwebs and dust that can accumulate even when buried under “stuff”!

In the before state I knew that wasn’t going to happen.

Here is how it all played out.
Sorry for the blurry photos – I was taking them quickly on my phone but they show the state of things at least.

BEFORE: The main room that I would like to be a place for the kids to watch television and hang out.
AFTER: You can see the floor! The daycare children were so excited they kept running in the area and squealing for all the clear space! I was squealing too. Still a few corners to do but definitely kid ready!
AFTER: I even found an end table and added these lamps that were shoved in a corner.
AFTER: This floor space was filled with old phones and computers. They have now been donated 

Read about the basement play area here.

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