June 2013 Completed Projects

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I was very ambitious for my June 2013 goals. I should have known better than to make one so long. The warm weather makes it harder for me to get things in the house accomplished. It didn’t help that it was either humid or
raining so painting the kids stove and table/chair set didn’t work since it wouldn’t have dried.

It also didn’t help that my scanner/printer (which we haven’t used in years) isn’t working and I need to figure out why not and if I can fix it. I was able to find the software to download online but now I have to get it so the computer recognizes it. Once that is set then I’ll be well on my way to scanning photos and artwork and continuing to get the books laid out and printed.

Here are the goals and what I did accomplish. I still have to make posts for them. As I do write posts I will link them below so you can read about them if you like.

For my July goals, some of the items will be deleted and moved to later in the year.

  1. Bath baby quilt #3 ~ Complete June 15
  2. Organize Manuals and Warranties into binder ~ Complete June 17
  3. 2008 Photos – organize by month and event ~ Complete June18
  4. Circus baby quilt #4 ~ Complete June 22
  5. Sew pillow shams x2 for son’s bed ~ Complete June 23 
  6. Crochet Beach Bag ~ Complete June 30
  7. Christmas table runner (SR) – Quilt and Bind ~ In Progress June 18
  8. Sew my dress ~ In Progress June 9 (zipper remaining)
  9. Paint Kids Play Stove ~ In Progress (primed) June 18
  10. 2008 Photos – scan souvenirs, kids art, wall photos then organize into appropriate digital folder
  11. 2008 Photos – edit digital photos on picmonkey.com
  12. 2008 Photos – choose digital program (Blurb) and insert photos into album ~ In Progress
  13. 2008 Photos – write blurbs for each main event/cluster of photos, upload blog for year
  14. 2008 Photos – print family digital photo album
  15. Insurance Photo Binder – take photos
  16. Paint Kids Table and Chair Set
  17. Furnace Room Part II (clear heavy shelves to make room for large bins; organize tools, etc. into smaller bins and add to bookshelves)
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