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I’m Going To Freeze This Winter!

Our 8 year old daughter enjoyed dancing from ages 2 until she was 5. Her last year she even joined the competitive team! She did amazing but it was near impossible to get her to sit still to put 100 teeny weeny sponge curlers in her hair. Don’t even get me started on slap-dabbing the stage make up – the false lashes are still new in the package somewhere too I believe! When she said she didn’t want to return her Grade 1 year Mommy was not pushing it (though to be fair I did ask her several times over

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Why Is The Ice Rink So Cold?

We put it off for as long as possible but it is now official – we are now a hockey family. Our 6 year old son is in his first hockey league! Travis has loved the idea of hockey for many years. In January 2011 we decided that, since he did not know how to skate well yet, we would sign him up for ball hockey. I took him to purchase his equipment at the Play It Again Sports store and he was so excited he walked around all day with his helmet on his head. He even cuddled the

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Bee Sting

While we were on vacation, my little guy got bitten by a bee – right on his ankle bone. He screamed really loud so I knew it hurt!  That sucker went right through his sock and around a running shoe to get him, too. Thankfully he doesn’t appear allergic and a little Tylenol, baking soda paste on the area and cuddles helped to calm him down and get the pain under control. The most heart breaking part was his “Why would it do that? I wasn’t bothering him!”. Now whenever a wasp or bee comes around we are all a

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Toothless Smiles

It took a long time to start losing teeth but once they started they keep wiggling out! Travis is 6 years old and has lost his third bottom tooth. I was looking through some baby photos and interestingly enough, he’s losing them in the order he got them. Travis is very different from his sister. Ava wiggles and plays and sticks her tongue to get that tooth out so that they literally fly out of her mouth across the table when she is talking. Travis has had me pull out two of the three teeth he’s had (the third one

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Couch to 5K Check-In #5

I am loving the Couch to 5K challenge by the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans. I am not training for a marathon or a specific goal other than to boost my caloric out-put and to change things up a bit. I tried it on the treadmill once but generally just do it on the spot or on the mini trampoline. It fits my lifestyle this way and I can also hold the tablet and it tells me when to switch it up from walking to running as well as tracks my distance and average speed and calories out just as a

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C25K – Week 2 Update

I mentioned last week that I joined the Couch to 5km Challenge.  The first week was great and I learned not to run two days in a row as my body needs the day off to heal. I even lost 1.5 lbs for my efforts and had a lot of energy. The second week just finished. I ran day one (w2d1). The rest of the week didn’t exactly fall into place how I had planned. Hubby was home with the flu, the kids had skating and swimming lessons start up so that took out two evenings that otherwise had me at the gym, I caught

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Couch to 5K Challenge

I’ve been stalling in my weight loss efforts. I’m really good at maintaining my weight but I needed to come up with an idea to get more calories out then in. I’m not very interested or diligent with tracking calories so, with the new year and the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Pants’s C25k Challenge I decided to join in and see if I could shed a few pounds and tone up by making better food choices (but not tracking) and by running it off. Week one just finished and and so far so good. For two of the workouts I ran on

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Eating Through Christmas

We have been so blessed. Our little family enjoyed such a wonderful Christmas with extended family. We have been eating and visiting and eating. It’s been wonderful! Let me get back to the “eating” part. Again, very blessed to have people to visit with and food to eat. There does come a point, however, where the eating catches up and the pants get tight. After a week of basically sitting and talking and, yep, eating. I decided to find a quick workout that I did tonight (ahem, to make room for scalloped potatoes for dinner, ahem). It was 15 minutes total

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Sewing and Family Fun

It took me the greater part of the month to get to sewing again. Before I start the (many) recent clothing-to-sew projects that I bought and told you about last week I figured I should start on the existing projects I had set out for myself at the beginning of the month (see them here). So far I’ve finished the straps on the Dora dress for Ava and hemmed shorts for Travis. Then the kids came downstairs BEGGING me to go for a bike ride with them and Daddy. How could I resist? After all, there IS only one week

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Weight Watching

How come it is the night that you plan to do all sorts of things that the children decide to stay up until after 9PM?! At the end of our first week back to our routine, I want to tell you about what a great two weeks of vacation we had. I got a lot done and really enjoyed just being with my family. I started out doing really well food-wise and doing the Brazil Butt-Lift exercises (see my post about it here). Then we moved on to our next vacation venue and I was not able to take the

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