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Girls Weekend

This weekend I am going to enjoy my very first ladies’ weekend! I’ve never been one to have a group of friends who do this so I am very excited (and anxious) to see what it is that happens on such a weekend. This particular group has the fact that we are all moms who do or have participated with a preschool program for our children. I don’t drink or smoke and I believe the others do. Not that this is a problem but I just hope I am not the only sober one who becomes responsible for potential irresponsible

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Holiday Grub

Unfortunately, there is a drawback to the food when visiting for holidays. There are so many goodies laying around begging to be tasted, nibbled, shoved into ones mouth. How could I possibly resist their calls?! It’s self-sabotage, I know. I had lost inches and pounds over the past month and it has taken a week to reverse that success. At least at home we don’t have such temptresses laying about (or in the house at all for that matter). I have done one workout of The Shred (two days ago) and have been making serious efforts to drink 2 liters

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H1N1 Vaccination

Flu season has arrived and so has the issue of vaccination and the new string of H1N1. Reports of deaths related to the H1N1 virus on the news have already started. Is this media hysteria or legitimate cause for concern? Should I vaccinate my young family or let my body work it out should we come across this virus? How else to protect myself? I received this email that seems to explain H1N1 and how to prevent contamination should we be exposed to the virus. The only portals of entry are the nostrils and mouth/throat. In a global epidemic of

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Shh ~ Just Listen to Me

I went to the doctor’s to see why I am feeling so out of control. She sat there and chatted with me (which was good) but she didn’t listen to me ~ more like talked to me. Why do people think that they are helping by spewing a bunch of advice that you either already know or that you didn’t ask for. I felt it was a useless appointment and that someone was more interested in solving things than in helping me talk through it. Counseling doesn’t work because the counselor is only available during the day. This causes more

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I was reading The Creative Mama and her post about The Two-Piece Suit where she bought her self a two-piece bathing suit even though she hasn’t lost all the baby weight and believes she certainly doesn’t have a two-piece body. The power of her post is that she “made a decision, a conscious choice to push aside my self-image issues, my insecurities about my post-two-babies-body, and the lingering voice inside of me that says ‘I’ll just let the hubbie take them swimming‘.”And because she donned this admirable attitude, she didn’t miss out. I think this post hit home especially for

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Finding Motivation when Working from Home

I’ve come to realize that having a home daycare is working from home. I know it sounds silly but because my own children are involved it took me a while to understand that I need to end the work day after the children are done, change modes and morph into family and relaxing time. Then I came across this post from Simple Mom (I seem to be quoting Simple Mom a lot lately but that’s why I subscribe – truly relevant to my life at this time). So what does she recommend you do to find the motivation to work

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Health Busters

Thanks to Simple Mom for the article on “Watch Out for These Health Busters“. I’m summarizing the highlights of the article below. For the full article click on the post title. Our family is attempting to direct our diet away from processed foods and less sugary treats. This is hard for me in particular as I have a super sweet tooth and I am not the most informed on how to identify healthy products ~ the family is lucky I serve them a well planned dinner! The original post on watching out for health busters is helping me learn to

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A Solid Foundation in a Marriage

I’ve been evaluating and attempting to improve several areas in my life. Inevitably, marriage came up as an area to look at and make sure I’m giving it my all. Corey is the author of Simple Marriage. I really appreciate how he shares his marriage experiences and asks questions that make me pause and consider how things really are in my own marriage. My hubby doesn’t know this yet but he’s going to be asked these questions randomly and without context from me … I love to keep hubby on his toes 😉 Corey says that , “in the midst

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Workin Out Wednesday ~ Wii Fit

I’m having a really tough time with this whole weight issue. Let me explain … This week I’m at my parents. We “share” a Wii and the Wii Fit program ~ basically I use it whenever we are here. Since the last time I used it (around December 2008) I have gained 6.6 lbs. Since I have been here, using it daily, I have gained 2 lbs. There are a ton of excuses I could use … the medication I am on makes me gain weight, the 1 lb of Easter bunny solid milk chocolate that I scarfed down in

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Workin’ Out Wednesday ~ Running Room

Even though I’ve had a chest cold, I signed up for a learn to run clinic through The Running Room. It’s for women only and this past Saturday (March 21st) was our first run and clinic. We ran for 1 minute and walked for 2 minutes, seven sets of these for a total of 21 minutes. I am very proud of myself for running all but the second last minute. Not bad considering my hacking cough. I haven’t practised again yet this week because I’m STILL recovering (this is my fourth week of being sick). I am planning on going

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