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My Hazy Days of Summer

I love the summer. It’s so easy to hop in the car and head out for the weekend. I regularly visit my parents who are 1.5 hours drive away. They have a pool and it’s great for getting the kids tuckered out and for me to get some exercise while playing with them. It’s a sacrifice on my part, I know, but I’m willing to do it for the children. I realise that I have not been posting as regularly as I’d like. I find that I’m spending a lot of time catching up on 600+ blog posts from fantastically

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Weight Loss Blip

I should be working out right now. I could go to my gym (but I have no work out buddy and really don’t like going by myself). I could be doing the workout video that I told my husband I would go upstairs to do (3 Mile walk with Leslie Sansone that I like to do but really can’t seem to motivate myself to get up and start). Instead I am reflecting on my lack of personal motivation and wallowing in my highest weight of my life (other than when I was pregnant). I feel disgusting and this leads to

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Girls Weekend

This weekend I am going to enjoy my very first ladies’ weekend! I’ve never been one to have a group of friends who do this so I am very excited (and anxious) to see what it is that happens on such a weekend. This particular group has the fact that we are all moms who do or have participated with a preschool program for our children. I don’t drink or smoke and I believe the others do. Not that this is a problem but I just hope I am not the only sober one who becomes responsible for potential irresponsible

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I’m A Mommy Blogger And Proud Of It!

I really wanted to attend the Baltimore Bloggy Boot Camp on March 6, 2010 but travel expenses were too hight to justify it right now. Apparently there was a reporter in attendance who came out with an article “Honey, Don’t Bother Mommy. I’m Too Busy Building My Brand“. Mama Kat wrote about it here, which is where I first heard of the article. As I think about someone judging mommy bloggers for creative freedom, it really bothers me. Who is this reporter? She works and writes for a living – heaven help her if she has or plans on having

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Coke & Pepsi Free Zone

I loved my Coke Zero and Pepsi Max. For the past two weeks I stopped drinking it and last night at dinner I went to have some and after a sip it was too sweet and didn’t taste good to me at all. I gave it to hubby and opted for my water. I’m so impressed with myself.

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How Good Are You At Keeping Secrets?

I would like to think that I am a trustworthy person who can hold secrets. Sometimes it’s hard to know what is secret and what is not though. In those situations where it is not clear I may mention it ~ but is it my fault since I didn’t know that you were avoiding telling your two-year-old that you were going out tonight? If I know that you are entrusting me with information that is to be kept “in the vault” I won’t spill it. And if I do have to burst and tell someone it will be a non-verbal

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Get The Hell Off Me!

I don’t know what it is that has happened to my metabolism. Since Travis was born two years ago I lost all my baby weight within 8 weeks of his birth (yay me) then gained 25 lbs due to post partum anti-depressants (boo fat-making-drugs). I stopped taking the meds in the spring of 2009 because, as I told my doctor, I’d rather be thin and miserable than fat and miserable. Now the pounds have stuck onto my butt, hips and thighs (in particular) for dear life and I’m getting desperate. After seeing my ballooned up self in last summer’s vacation

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Holiday Grub

Unfortunately, there is a drawback to the food when visiting for holidays. There are so many goodies laying around begging to be tasted, nibbled, shoved into ones mouth. How could I possibly resist their calls?! It’s self-sabotage, I know. I had lost inches and pounds over the past month and it has taken a week to reverse that success. At least at home we don’t have such temptresses laying about (or in the house at all for that matter). I have done one workout of The Shred (two days ago) and have been making serious efforts to drink 2 liters

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H1N1 Vaccination

Flu season has arrived and so has the issue of vaccination and the new string of H1N1. Reports of deaths related to the H1N1 virus on the news have already started. Is this media hysteria or legitimate cause for concern? Should I vaccinate my young family or let my body work it out should we come across this virus? How else to protect myself? I received this email that seems to explain H1N1 and how to prevent contamination should we be exposed to the virus. The only portals of entry are the nostrils and mouth/throat. In a global epidemic of

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Shh ~ Just Listen to Me

I went to the doctor’s to see why I am feeling so out of control. She sat there and chatted with me (which was good) but she didn’t listen to me ~ more like talked to me. Why do people think that they are helping by spewing a bunch of advice that you either already know or that you didn’t ask for. I felt it was a useless appointment and that someone was more interested in solving things than in helping me talk through it. Counseling doesn’t work because the counselor is only available during the day. This causes more

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