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I was reading The Creative Mama and her post about The Two-Piece Suit where she bought her self a two-piece bathing suit even though she hasn’t lost all the baby weight and believes she certainly doesn’t have a two-piece body. The power of her post is that she “made a decision, a conscious choice to push aside my self-image issues, my insecurities about my post-two-babies-body, and the lingering voice inside of me that says ‘I’ll just let the hubbie take them swimming‘.”And because she donned this admirable attitude, she didn’t miss out. I think this post hit home especially for

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Finding Motivation when Working from Home

I’ve come to realize that having a home daycare is working from home. I know it sounds silly but because my own children are involved it took me a while to understand that I need to end the work day after the children are done, change modes and morph into family and relaxing time. Then I came across this post from Simple Mom (I seem to be quoting Simple Mom a lot lately but that’s why I subscribe – truly relevant to my life at this time). So what does she recommend you do to find the motivation to work

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Health Busters

Thanks to Simple Mom for the article on “Watch Out for These Health Busters“. I’m summarizing the highlights of the article below. For the full article click on the post title. Our family is attempting to direct our diet away from processed foods and less sugary treats. This is hard for me in particular as I have a super sweet tooth and I am not the most informed on how to identify healthy products ~ the family is lucky I serve them a well planned dinner! The original post on watching out for health busters is helping me learn to

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How To Have Curl Your Toes Sex

Here’s a subject title that grabbed my attention …How To Have Curl Your Toes Sex. Obviously I’m not the only one curious about this because it was posted a year ago and is by far the most popular posts on the Simple Marriage blog so far. Here is a summary of the article below. Click on the title link if you want the full goods 😉 “If there ever was an area that needed to be more openly discussed among married couples, it’s this one: sex. It is easy to believe that every other couple has no difficulties with the

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A Solid Foundation in a Marriage

I’ve been evaluating and attempting to improve several areas in my life. Inevitably, marriage came up as an area to look at and make sure I’m giving it my all. Corey is the author of Simple Marriage. I really appreciate how he shares his marriage experiences and asks questions that make me pause and consider how things really are in my own marriage. My hubby doesn’t know this yet but he’s going to be asked these questions randomly and without context from me … I love to keep hubby on his toes 😉 Corey says that , “in the midst

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Workin Out Wednesday ~ Wii Fit

I’m having a really tough time with this whole weight issue. Let me explain … This week I’m at my parents. We “share” a Wii and the Wii Fit program ~ basically I use it whenever we are here. Since the last time I used it (around December 2008) I have gained 6.6 lbs. Since I have been here, using it daily, I have gained 2 lbs. There are a ton of excuses I could use … the medication I am on makes me gain weight, the 1 lb of Easter bunny solid milk chocolate that I scarfed down in

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The Spectacles

Instead of reporting on a story I have ready (it hasn’t happened this week and you’ll soon see why not) I will share a story. Last weekend we visited my in-laws (2.5 hour drive away). Last Sunday after we got home and unpacked, we realised I had forgotten my glasses at their house. I don’t think I’ve ever forgotten them as I am dependent on them for long-term reading or computer work or crafting. My mother-in-law was sweet enough to courier them to me next-day service so I could ensure I had them for my week-and-a-half mini-vacation with the kids

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Workin’ Out Wednesday ~ Running Room

Even though I’ve had a chest cold, I signed up for a learn to run clinic through The Running Room. It’s for women only and this past Saturday (March 21st) was our first run and clinic. We ran for 1 minute and walked for 2 minutes, seven sets of these for a total of 21 minutes. I am very proud of myself for running all but the second last minute. Not bad considering my hacking cough. I haven’t practised again yet this week because I’m STILL recovering (this is my fourth week of being sick). I am planning on going

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Workin Out Wednesday ~ Home Exercises

I (finally) came up with some exercises I want to do on a daily basis. They are: leg lifts (inner) ~ 25 each side leg lifts (outer) ~ 25 each side bum scoot ~ 5 minutes wide squats ~ 25 legs-together squats ~ 25 crunches ~ 50 oblique crunches ~ 25 each side ab twists (standing washing machine) ~ 25 shoulder lifts ~ 12 wall push-ups ~ 12 crab position push-ups (triceps) ~ 12 As I am not a personal trainer, does anyone have anything they can suggest I add to get an all-over tone?

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Weight Struggles

I think I had mentioned I had lost all of the baby weight from Travis within 2 months after his birth. Now on medication I feel I have packed on a few pounds that I want to lose but don’t have the energy to come up with a plan. I keep trying to get to the gym but it just isn’t happening; with a kid I care for getting picked up at 6PM, then dinner and baths, I’m exhausted by the time I am potentially able to go. And then when I have a little bit of energy I have

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