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Brazil Butt Lift

With the Olympics having started this past week, I’ve been inspired to work out. I figure 30-60 minutes per day nothing compared to the dedication of the athletes of the London 2012 games. My sister-in-law introduced me to Leandro’s Brazil Butt Lift Workout. After the first workout I was both sore and hooked. I completed Monday through Thursday’s workouts and my body has been sore since the first day. I love it! It’s a fun workout and I’m motivated to continue. It’s a great kit that is included. A six-week workout program with 3 different DVDs to keep things fresh and

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Weekend Weight Loss

During the week I have a pretty good routine for eating. Having the home daycare makes meals and snacks more timed because the little ones get cranky when they are hungry and we don’t want that if it’s preventable! The best thing I did the last few days that helped keep me on track was to ensure I ate at least 100 calories every 2 hours. It really made a difference and held me through to the next meal or snack. I also was making better choices. The second thing that helped me was writing what I was going to

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Weight and Craft Challenge Update

I’m doing all I can to stop thinking about and eating when it’s not a meal time. I think when you decide to lose a few pounds and watch what you eat and log calories that somehow this shifts to your craving part of the brain. It is at least that way with me. How do you keep on track for losing a few pounds? Today is the last day of May so I wanted to update you on my progress of the Small Projects Sew-Along I’ve been working on. I’m really pleased with the progress I’ve made. I do

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30-Day Weight Loss-athon: Days 11-14

It seems that I make it to mid-week and then I read the daily challenges but don’t get a chance to post them or really absorb them. Saturdays are nice catch up days. For the full challenges, click on the Day # below and it will link you to the full post. Day 11:  Today we need to “explain to a key person or people in your life that you’re focused on getting slimmer and would really like their support.” Day 12: “Expand your weight-loss support network.” I’m looking at an exercise buddy. That is the best to keep me

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30-Day Weight Loss-athon: Day 10

Click here to see Day 10 full challenge. Michele says, “Today we want to get rid of foods that remind you of old habits and sabotage your new eating program. Make a list of foods you need to clean out of your life so you can stick to your diet actions.” Apart from the kid’s Easter treats our food supply is pretty good for keeping me on track. How is your supply?

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30-Day Weight Loss-athon: Days 5-9

I have some catch up to do. With the Easter long weekend and a lot of visiting I wasn’t on the computer much. Today the kids and I are home. Between cleaning the house I’m catching up on posts and blog reading. It’s a nice balance. For the full challenges, click on the Day # below and it will link you to the full post. Day 5:  Michele tells us to “make peace with the idea that you are going to become a regular exerciser.” I do have a gym membership. When I have workout buddies I tend to be more

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30-Day Weight Loss-athon: Day 4

Click here for Day 4 full challenge. Most people with weight to lose are eating more food than they need. Or more of certain types of food. I like how we are to choose a couple of ways we’re going to eat a bit less for the rest of the month and not focus on a “diet”. I find that when I am restricting a certain food that I don’t do well but if I am focusing on goals (e.g. eating 10% less) I do really well. Michele has a great list to help set goals for this too. I

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30-Day Weight Loss-athon: Day 3

I don’t know what happened yesterday but I didn’t happen to get to Day 3. So this morning I’m going to post and complete Day 3’s task and later this afternoon I’ll post Day 4 and complete it’s task. Click here to view Day 3’s full challenge. Change the way you think. Today we make a very important mindset shift – one that can support or sabotage you as you fight the fat. Stop judging and start observing what you do.

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30-Day Weight Loss-athon: Day 2

Click here for Day 2’s full challenge. We’re going to go for a walk today! I could do a 10 minute walk for sure. Since the kids are a bit under the weather, I’m debating between a walk with them all outside or a Leslie Sansone workout video with anyone who wants to participate joining me. Have fun walking!!

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30-Day Weight Loss-athon: Day 1

Click to see the full challenge for Day 1. The challenge started yesterday but we’ll catch up today. I have Day 2 coming out today at 7PM or you can go to her website and see the full challenge as it is. I love that Michele, the brain of this challenge, has us focus on daily tasks of 10 minutes only. I am worth 10 minutes. I can find 10 minutes. I think with a goal of 10 minutes I don’t have a lot to lose. Today’s action task promises to “provide fuel to fire your motivation for the month

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