Daycare Planning & Basement Renovations

I am planning weekly themes and craft ideas for my home daycare. I feel good for having structure and lots of ideas. If only the kids appreciated the work that goes into the activities
we do. Perhaps they do but when I pull it out and get them all running into the opposite direction that doesn’t help my ego or my patience.

We are also planning to finish the basement. Problem is, hubby and I do not agree on how it should be finished so I am stalling. I have ideas, he has ideas, I have to live in the space daily and make it work, he just gets to visit it on the weekends and the occasional evening. I like things a certain way – out of site and with a place. Hubby just … doesn’t notice. Functionally I want the basement to be both a play room for the daycare as well as a family room since our main floor is open concept with a dining room, kitchen and living room. It gets cluttered very quickly if I am not on top of it so putting all the toys (or the majority of them) into the basement will make a world of difference.

Thus far, the basement will (need to) house a spare bedroom (which will also be an overflow play area), a television/play area, bathroom with shower to go along with the spare bedroom, cold room (already in place) and an area for our computers. Plus I’d like to have a tool area for the man and his exercise equipment (isn’t this nice of me?!).

So I have such great ideas. Trouble is … how do I find a design that we could agree on? I’ve drafted my own but I am not as floor-plan-savvy as I thought. I look at what I want on paper but when I look at the physical space I wonder if it will all fit??

Thoughts on how I can get a layout or where to get help?

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