Why Is The Ice Rink So Cold?

We put it off for as long as possible but it is now official – we are now a hockey family. Our 6 year old son is in his first hockey league!

Travis has loved the idea of hockey for
many years. In January 2011 we decided that, since he did not know how to skate well yet, we would sign him up for ball hockey. I took him to purchase his equipment at the Play It Again Sports store and he was so excited he walked around all day with his helmet on his head. He even cuddled the helmet and his hockey stick that night! Interesting twist – Travis had not yet played sports independently so when it was time for him to go in the rink, he had a melt down and refused to play. He whipped off his equipment and demanded we “take this stuff back to the store!”. Not a good start to a hockey (or sports team) career.

As you can imagine, hubby and I have been cautious to sign him up for activities. We gingerly put him into learn-to-skate the past few years (his sister started in the same group as him so he was okay with that). His confidence and independence grew and his determination to join a hockey team finally meant it was time to try again.

Now he is on his first hockey team (well, they are doing try outs to establish the teams but he doesn’t care, as long as he’s on the ice!).

I find it amazing (and a wee bit painful) to watch him struggle but after his scrimmage he comes off the ice and you would think he was an NHL super star the way he perceived his plays. As long as he’s having fun!

Do you have a funny experience or fond memory with your child joining a team?

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