Son’s Bedroom

Amazing how the bedrooms become a holding place for “special” things. Since I have a home daycare this is especially an area to watch because my children are to put all toys they do not wish to share there. Some days we don’t want to share anything, it seems. I started with my son’s toys and books and have a good pile of books to give away plus I have managed to re-dedicate some of the toys that can be part of the daycare (which I will further sort when I get to the playroom). I know from cleaning my

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No Ruined Breakfast Bars Here, Please!

My little guy (3 years old) is making me laugh today. I just wonder where kids come up with this stuff. T: Can I have a breakfast bar?Me: Sure, here you go.T: This is a RUINED one that A tried to give me a few days ago! (It had a crunched top from where my daughter did her best to open the package for him).Me: Doh! For the record, it was only yesterday and was wrapped up waiting for him to forget about it. Why are 3 year olds so smart? I thought I had a bit more time to work around his

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The True Story of Advent

Sweeter Than Sweets has a fantastic idea to share the true story of advent with your children. Basically, you set up drawers, envelopes, etc. with numbers 1-25. You collect a specific list of items and read daily Bible passages that illustrate the story and how the object is significant in the advent story. Genius! Printouts and a full list are available at the Sweeter Than Sweets advent story link. Credit: Sweeter than Sweets blog

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My Wee Knight

Here is the book photo … And here is my version … My little guy has been so secretive about his knight costume. He had it on and let me snap this photo. I made it big because this way he will be able to both grow into it and wear it over a coat on Halloween night. I also got a shield he made this summer laminated so he can wear it with him and it won’t get wet or ruined. I have enough extra yarn that I may whip up a Halloween trick-or-treat bag in the same colours.

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Chuck E. Cheese’s New Pizza Recipe ~ Review

I was contacted by the folks at Chuck E. Cheese’s to check out their completely upgraded pizza recipe. This past year we have taken the kids to Chuck E’s a few times as they are old enough to enjoy it. I enlisted my mom and dad to come with me to try it out (hubby stayed home to paint baseboards). The pizza as it arrives. Yum! Grandma, Ava and Grandpa about to try their first bite Enjoying our game tokens Going in I was armed with the promise that, “with fresh cheese and dough, and high-quality toppings, this cheesier, crispier,

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Homework and the Kindergartener

My daughter is in junior kindergarten. She just turned 5 this month. She has full-day school Tuesday and Thursdays with the occasional Fridays. The teacher has assigned homework since this schedule is consistently inconsistent. I don’t know how the other parents fare but it is a struggle for us to get it done with her on a weekly basis. It seems a little much also as it is 3 full pages of the letter of the week and colouring. Don’t tell anyone but sometimes I agree to colour one picture while she colours in the other six. It’s so boring sitting

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Parenting When Tragedy Strikes

My relationship with my children is very important to me. The SITS ladies asked a tough parenting question as to how to parent when tragedy strikes. Do you talk to them about it or let them be kids? Personally, I think it all depends on what the issue is. Is it about an ill or deceased loved one or a world event? In either event I believe we should be honest. Age-appropriate is definitely important. I generally state the facts as succinctly and truthfully as possible and then ask if there are questions. For example, last week my grandmother (79

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Happy 5th Birthday, Ava

Happy birthday to my dear little girl. Today we took you on our first adventure to Chuck E Cheeses. It was endearing to watch you and your little brother race from game to game to ride. I love how you learned (too quickly) the hand motion for us to give you another token so you could start your own ride (“I can do it myself!). When asked what you wanted for your birthday, you requested “a new bed, a new skirt, and pyjamas – from the store, not made by mommy”. Let me tell you, kiddo, you are never too old

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Why Having A Toddler Is Like Being At A Frat Party

You know you are going through “one of those days” when you can come up with a list like this one. Blogger Suburban Snapshots must have had one of these days as I got this from her site. As a sorority gal myself and, thus, having attended many many fraternity parties in my university days I can attest to the truth you are about to read below. 10. There are half-full, brightly-colored plastic cups on the floor in every room. Three are in the bathtub. 9. There’s always that one girl, bawling her eyes out in a corner. 8. It’s best

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Church with Children

As a child I have fond memories of going to church on Sunday mornings (or some Saturday night services where it worked better for our family). My brothers, sometimes a friend who enjoyed a sleepover, would sit together and sometimes listen but other times have “quiet” conversations while my mother hissed at us to be quieter. Now that I have a young family it is important that we start to attend church regularly. Today I spent a lot of time quietly praying for patience. I didn’t really get a lot out of the mass and I was embarrassed that the

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