Family Friday – Entertaining Kids on a Rainy Day

Family Friday Blog CarnivalEntertaining kids on a rainy day with physical activity is a breeze when you have some creative ideas up your sleeve. These fantastic ideas found at Homemaker Barbi’s Family Friday are fantastic. I know I’m going to clean out the garage in particular to do some of these activities!

Physical Activities for Kids on Rainy Days

1. Sports in the garage. If you have an uncluttered basement or garage, let the kids go wild playing handball, racquetball or any other activity that keeps them moving in place.
2. Exercise in the kitchen. Even in your den or kitchen you can move the chairs aside and make room for some hula hoops and jump ropes.
3. Kids’ exercise DVDs. Kids’ exercise DVDs are good to get them jumping and moving their bodies.
4. Crazy living room dance party. Just playing loud music and having them dance up a storm will help release built up energy.
5. Hide and seek. Play a game of hide and go seek all over the house to get some movement in.
6. Obstacle course. Set up an obstacle course using household items (pillows, chairs, etc.).
7. Home fun house. Face 2 chairs across from each other and cover with pillows to create a tunnel to crawl under, line up phone books and step stools for them to climb on, turn pots upside down and let them make their way through by balancing on them.
8. Sock racing. Have slip and slide sock races down the hallway.
What are your best fun physical activities for kids on rainy days? Let us know in the comments!

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