Toddler Biting

Ava (2 years old) tends to bite when she teethes. This would not be so bad except for the kids that I care for – it’s hard to send your own child out of
care for such behaviour.

The good part about being with Ava 24/7 is that I know her very well and know the cause which makes it easier to determine it will be short-lived.

In the time while we are living through it, however, I have been able to give her a soother attached to her clothes and re-direct her to chew on that instead of her friends or brother.

Also, I have to eliminate the opportunities for her to be able to bite. For instance, when I am changing diapers or preparing a meal and cannot pay close attention to the children I put her and the others in their high chairs with books and crayons. They are not in trouble but they are contained and I can relax knowing I have done all I can to reduce incidents.

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