Play Stove Makeover

When I cleaned up the baseboards and door trim in the house I realized how amazing a wee coat of paint will do to make things feel and look (and smell) new again! Today I took a long hard look at the play oven we had in our playroom. My father-in-law had made it when my husband was a little boy. It went through six children at that point and was stored for many years until we got it. It goes perfect with our kitchen sink. I love it! Since it definitely was showing it’s age from years of play

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I Learned to Feed Picky Eaters…From A Commercial!

With a 5 year old and a 7 year old, we are no strangers to picky eating in our home. I have tried a lot of different techniques, food ideas, meal plans, and so on to have family meal time be a non-stressful event. It was going okay but I was increasingly frustrated with the children’s pickiness. Watching television last week I saw this commercial. It took a few times for it to play over the course of a program for what they were suggesting really hit home. Two key messages I took from it were: I make food for

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Allowance Update and The Bagelful Spectacle

The first week of allowance went well. On the second day my daughter brought me her hairbrush and the detangler and asked me to braid her hair. Wow! Definitely worth the 10 cents for that task! (It’s on her morning routine list). They are really getting the hang of it. Yesterday I promised them 20 cents if they did what I asked without complaining to put things in their proper places (the house was in a bit of chaos and I was feeling desperate). You have never seen children more polite or more willing. I definitely rememberd to pay them out today

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Allowance for Kids ~ Part 2 of 2

Perhaps I’ve over-thought it. I did a lot of research (Allowance for Kids ~ Part 1) on how to even start to establish allowance for our kids. How much, what lessons to teach, how can they earn extra money, what do they do when I pay them, when do I pay them, with cash or a ledger, etc. etc. Tracking the MoneyI signed up for a FREE online account using Allowance Manager. I liked these four helpful features that are on the site: Set an automatic weekly allowance Check how much allowance they have anytime, anywhere Simply edit debits / transactions when

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Allowance for the Kids ~ Part 1 of 2

Our oldest is turning 7 this Sunday and our youngest was 5 in January. Rumblings of wanting an allowance have started to get louder. The kids will rush around to clean up and say “We did this! Can we get our allowance now?!”. So far I haven’t paid out since they forget about it and honestly, so do my husband and I. We don’t have a set system in place. I’m not sure if I should reward them for chores when they should be doing things to contribute in general as members of the family. Also, when they get their

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How to Make a Jedi Light Saber

The last week of February our family visited Disney Orlando. It was so much fun! The children’s interests really surprised me. The little guy was enthralled by the Jedi training. We didn’t get him registered to go up on the stage (I thought he would be too scared) but it was all he could talk about the rest of the day! When we got home he continued to talk about how much fun it was and asked if we could make a light saber for him. Thank you Pinterest and fellow bloggers for tutorials on how to make a simple, kid (and

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Meet our elf, Carol Jingle

After much debate and price comparison I found and purchased an Elf on the Shelf. If you are unfamiliar with such a beast, this little elf works on the power of Christmas magic. Ours is a girl and she was just named Carol Jingle (Christmas Carol and Jingle Bells) that we also can shorten to C.J. (but I prefer Carol myself). At night she reports to Santa the nice and naughty parts of our day and then returns in the morning in a new place for the children to find her. The fun part is that they cannot touch her

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Children’s Halloween Costumes

Have you started to think about Halloween costumes for your children? In August when I purchased a stack of patterns to sew (see them here), I stumbled across some adorable Halloween costumes. Butterick Pattern 3244 Travis is convinced he will be the astronaut. I think this is absolutely adorable!! Ava is somewhere between them all. Since it’s mid-September already, I’m going to make a concerted effort to finish the clothes pile before I go out and buy material for the Halloween items. So far I have 90% of a housecoat for Ava cut out (thanks to my Mom for helping

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Our Routine Charts for the Kids

I have been searching the internet for routine charts to give to the children. I finally decided to make my own customized routine based on what I found and what works for us. I have used a graphic and simple words to describe each item. My kids are 4 and 6 years old and can figure them out. I don’t know how to show you the .pdf files as a preview but I did determine that you can download it from Scribd. Feel free to use it for your own personal use. Morning RoutineAfter School RoutineBefore Bed Routine

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Sewing and Family Fun

It took me the greater part of the month to get to sewing again. Before I start the (many) recent clothing-to-sew projects that I bought and told you about last week I figured I should start on the existing projects I had set out for myself at the beginning of the month (see them here). So far I’ve finished the straps on the Dora dress for Ava and hemmed shorts for Travis. Then the kids came downstairs BEGGING me to go for a bike ride with them and Daddy. How could I resist? After all, there IS only one week

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