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I have heard about Geocaching a few times and my interest got piqued ~ especially as the nice weather is coming and I really want to do fun & free things with my family.

What is Geocaching?
Geocaching is an outdoor activity where people try to find hidden containers using only latitude and longitude along with searching techniques. A handheld GPS receiver is used to navigate from any place on Earth to the hidden container. By entering the coordinates of the container, the GPS will display the distance and direction that you must travel in order to reach the destination. Once there, you will still need to search out the container as it is often hidden from view.
Every geocache is a container of some sort and sizes vary from very large like a 5 gallon bucket all the way down to very small like a hollow bolt. Within each container there must be a logbook or sheet for people to sign. Signing the log is the proof of a successful visit to the geocache. Even though those two items are required there are other items that can also be inside a geocache, like family-friendly trading items. Trade items are not a requirement but they do add to the fun and the accepted rule is that if you take something out you put something in at the same time.

Keep in mind that what you put in should be something that another person would enjoy finding in the geocache and must be an item that is family-friendly.

Often a geocache is placed to bring people to see something of interest or to encourage people to explore a trail but they can also be hidden to challenge people to find a sneaky hiding place or venture to a place they have never seen before. All geocaches must be placed with permission when the area is private property but most publicly accessible areas can support geocaching.
Through geocaching many more people are enjoying recreational walking, seeing new locations or learning about the local history through tours and research while seeking a cache. Some geocaches even have a puzzle to solve which will provide the coordinates, some take you step by step from one spot to the next but most geocaches are placed to be found easily at the given location.
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