Painting & Not Listening

Today, after having worked out three quotes from professional painters, I finally booked our job to be done the last weekend of September. Yes!

(this picture seems to be how we are communicating these days – most frustrating for everyone!)

Now that I’ve had five seconds of
excitement, dear husband put his 2,000,000 cents in and scolded me for not informing him of the quotes or that I was even calling to book. Sigh.

Hello! Yes I did, last night, and he gave me the go ahead otherwise why would I have booked the painters?

(this picture says “They had a sale on electric green” – this is what I could see hubby doing to me! LOL)

Whatever (pshaw!) – I’m going to choose the colours and send the samples and deposit in and I’ll listen to hubby’s nattering on while I tune him out and look at my beautiful walls. I wonder how he’s going to react when I tell him I want input on every single plant he purchases for the garden (he’s an avid gardener and I’ve given him carte blanche for the yard – why can’t he do that for me inside the house?!). I think I’m going to insist on my input all next summer.

I think all this questioning and second guessing my is greatly reducing the confidence I hold in my “new” role as chief home executive. How about a thank you for getting the quotes and creating our vision board for all the rooms?! Never mind the budgeting and working with an extra kid for crying out loud to pay for it! Now hubby is also talking about wanting chair rails and wainscotting because, apparently, we have oodles of money for this new make-work project. If he had that much time, why not just paint the walls himself? Sigh.

(in this cartoon the couple couldn’t agree on wallpaper so they alternated his and her choices – this is genius!)

Thanks for letting me vent ….. I’ll let you know if our house projects ever get done and how/if we survive it! Am I the only one with these issues?

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