Friday Night Sew-In (Follow Up)

Today I feel motivated again. Friday Night’s Sew In inspired me to continue working away at the king-sized quilt with 2″x2″ finished squares top. I’ve worked on it Friday, Saturday and now today (Sunday). This is a labour of love but sometimes it feels mostly like a labour. It’s going to be beautiful when it’s done and I can hardly wait to show you. I would take photos today but a) it’s a Christmas gift and I want it to be a surprise and b) I’m taking enough of a chance typing out this update post (I just got busted by the 3 year old being away from the sewing room with “what are you doing one the computer and not sewing?”).

I did rearrange the sewing room too on Friday evening so that really set me to be motivated. When I was in there earlier in the week I was distracted by “stuff” that was put in the room. I also got my Christmas wrapping center out and ready to wrap gifts done so far so that worked out nicely.

Finally, I mended my son’s bed skirt (it was all torn and half hung on the floor because of it. More unsightly than decorative) and I also mended 4 pairs of pants that had seams in the butt torn out (both kids – what do they do to bust the butt?).

Okay, enough of a break and more sewing. I’ll attempt to photos and upload them soon.

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