The Junk Cupboard

Toni at A Bowl Full of Lemons has a 21 day organizing challenge. Day #1 is to organize the junk drawer. I don’t have a junk drawer but I do have areas and cupboards that accumulate junk. This is the scene of the crime. The “hot spot”.  This morning I organized the cupboard above this area that seems to collect rogue batteries and other assorted “where do I put it” items. The “Before” shot. See how there is sunscreen, bug spray, coupons, cameras, stuff I don’t even know what it is! It even spread out to the top of the

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Yesterday the husband and children went tobogganing and had a blast. There was a big jump and Ava kept going over it. She loved it. She is also the perfect weight to go really far down the hill. Which is great – except for when you have to walk down after her to help her back up the hill. Today I went with the kids and the one run I took with Travis, we hit the jump (even though i put the brakes on and tried to steer away from it!). Trying to protect him I hurt my back and knocked my head.

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The Santa Train

This year I could not find a reasonably priced or conveniently dated breakfast with Santa. Then the Santa Claus Express was discovered.  We traveled in a restored 1920s coach over the rails of a century-old branch line while enjoying the sights and sounds of the vintage locomotive. The return trip was just under an hour and Santa made his way through the train with his elves to sit and visit with the travelers. It was the only time this season that we had Travis get near him. Santa was wonderful – he engaged him by asking him to show his teeth and

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Family Photos

We visited Sears Portrait Studio a few weeks ago to get a family photo taken for our holiday cards (I can’t believe I almost forgot to book our family photos!). I am thrilled with the results and am pleased to send these out with our 2010 Christmas cards.

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The Crochet Dress

This dress is got to be the most frustrating. Not the pattern itself (or maybe it is the one with the error?) but the inevitable mistake on my part. This is the dress I’m attempting to make … It’s a Vanna White pattern. There is also a matching sweater that I hope to make … one day … when I figure out the dress! The first time I took it apart because it was too big and the sides were getting wider and wider as I went up. Then I started it again but after a few rows gave up and put

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Halloween Trick or Treating

This year is a great year for holidays. The children are old enough to appreciate them and participate. I also have been organized and have prepared for them so that I am not stressed. To celebrate Halloween there were a few days of interest I’d like to share with you.  The boys (Travis is in the middle, C is on the right) and I walked Ava to the bus stop. She was to dress up for her junior kindergarten’s Halloween party (she’s Cinderella if you can’t tell from the bit of dress peeking out from under her coat). As

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Kids Say The Darndest Things ~ Especially Your Own

Some kid things that are going on and being said around here. Yep, making me so proud (most of the time). I’m putting Ava to bed one night and she’s misbehaving. I talk really loudly at her to get her attention. She stops and looks at me “I’m not going to talk to you if you yell at me like that”. I am talking with someone and I hear Ava say to another friend, “I have to wait until my Mommy is talking before I can interrupt her”. Finally, it’s catching on! We are (slowly) potty training Travis. “Travis, don’t touch your

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Hair Cut, Anyone?

Yesterday, my daughter Ava (4 years old) was quietly cutting paper with scissors. Do you have a sense where this is going? I was putting lunch away. Turned around. See hair. Freshly. Cut.  She had cut her hair and one of the day care kids’ hair! Thank gawd you can’t tell and I caught her in time. No scissors for that girl!!! As I walk around I keep finding hair on the floor. I was only turned for a second! So, I did what any responsible mother would do. I made her repeat that she is not allowed to cut hair unless she is

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Feeling Hot Hot Hot!

We’re going through a heat wave here. It’s been humid as well as hot. I’m not good in the heat. I get a sore stomach and my skin gets so sticky it makes me clausterphobic. My husband and I have an ongoing thermostat debate. I think 75 or 75.5F is appropriate while he would prefer 77F. We have compromised to 76F but it is just too warm some days for that. What temperature do you keep your home at and how have you come to this agreement with your partner, if you have one? Amidst this heat wave, I am

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Do you owe an apology to anyone? Why?

Do you owe an apology to anyone? Why? I need to apologize to my kids. Last night I was a little too short of temper. There was a lot of whining (on their part) and I was tired and had enough for one day. I was trying to get them in the bath and then into bed as we were all exhausted from a long day of fun. I wasn’t the most patient of parents. To my children I say, “Mommy is sorry that she was sharp and short with you last night. I am not perfect but I’m trying

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