Escape from the High Chair

Today I got all five kids into the chairs for lunch and they were eating quietly while I had to look up a recipe to make their lunch on the laptop within reaching distance of them! All of a sudden my little Travis (9.5 months old) literally slid out of his chair and landed on his tummy on the floor. Mommy is so tired she forgot to put the safety latch up – but the tray was on at least! He’s okay. My daughter who saw it was more upset than he was. Barely a tear as soon as I

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Travis and the Fan

Travis is developing quite the personality. At eight months old he is becoming determined and focused. At dinner last night he insisted on rubbing his eyes with the sole of his foot (sock on, of course). The other night he was going to sleep in his playpen. When I put him in to lay down he started to scream and scream and scream (this is unlike him). I picked him up and he stopped. This went on three or four times before I realised he wanted to look at the ceiling fan and couldn’t see it when in the bed.

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The Recycling Guy

The kids love to look at trucks and machines. The recycling truck was in front today so they all ran to the window to look at it. It stayed in front of the house for about 10 minutes … the kids eventually got bored and left the window but I went over, wondering what was going on (was my recycling THAT disorganized?!). Then I sat and watched the recycling guy fiddle with this head bandanna and sunglasses, making sure they were just right, and then he was admiring himself in various mirrors on the truck for another five minutes. His

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Bed & Nap Time with Ava

I know I’ve written about this before but this sleep stuff is starting to really bother me. It’s been 2.5 years of no consistent sleep for any of us. I may be the most fed-up at this point as I was up for the most-part before Travis was born in January to either breast-feed or take Ava back to her bed during night time. I also am home with the kids during the day so again it is me who has to deal with her nap issues; inconsistent times for going down even though we start at the same time

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Riverview Park & Zoo

We had a great trip to the Riverview Park in Peterborough while visiting the maternal grandparent’s cottage. We didn’t even know it existed until this trip! Kids really make you look at things you never thought to find before. Ava fell in love with the camel and we must have stopped by it several times because she didn’t want us to leave it. What sound does a camel make exactly? There was a mini train that took us on a 10 minute tour of a miniature village. Very cute. Long enough to rest our legs but short enough to keep

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Day Trips

We are visiting the Grey Bruce area and there are some very interesting day trips I’d like to take the kids on. They include a local self-guided garden tour or several horticulture enthusiasts who have opened their gardens to the public, a wizard exhibit at a local museum, a Lego pyramid exhibit at a local children’s center and of course, my favorite, the beach! Because the kids are so young these seemed most appropriate as options. I’ll be posting photos of the trips we actually get to for sure so keep checking back.

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Toddler Biting

Ava (2 years old) tends to bite when she teethes. This would not be so bad except for the kids that I care for – it’s hard to send your own child out of care for such behaviour. The good part about being with Ava 24/7 is that I know her very well and know the cause which makes it easier to determine it will be short-lived. In the time while we are living through it, however, I have been able to give her a soother attached to her clothes and re-direct her to chew on that instead of her

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Shower Story

Ava doesn’t always like to bathe (she’s better now but there are still moments). I shifted when I was pregnant to let her come into the shower with me – especially in the later stages of my pregnancy this was far easier than trying to wrestle the slippery child and lean over the bath tub to reach her. The other day I decided to take a shower in the evening. We have glass doors. I’m washing my hair, rinsing the soap out with half my head under the tab when the bathroom door explodes open and a naked two-year old

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Toddler Tuesday – Sesame Street Obsession

There is a strange obsession my daughter has with anything Sesame Street. And do you think I could find tee shirts in the stores with them? No … it’s all Dora, Diego and Disney Princesses. They would do in a pinch but it’s still the sweatshirt in 90 degree F weather for her!Luckily her grandpa was able to get a size 6/8 tee shirt hand-me-down for her. I guess that is good for her to wear as a nightshirt and grow into (she’s barely a size 3).

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Reasons Why I Work From Home

When I decided not to go back to work outside of the home I sat down and wrote a list of reasons why to stay home. As I’ve just accepted a third child care client (in addition to my own two kids) all of whom are two-years-old or younger I wanted to remind myself just why this is. 1. so my kids won’t fall asleep while crying at the front door for me to come back and take them home from the babysitter 2. to raise our children with our morals and values 3. so I will not miss developmental

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