Sleep – or Lack Thereof

I’ve finally come to the realisation that my daughter (2 years old) will only be little once so why force her to scream herself to sleep and cause me heartache while trying to be firm? I have decided that it is worth the snuggle time (which takes one quarter of the time and is far more enjoyable for all involved). It is making for a happier household and it is working for us at this point – at least she is in her own bed all night!

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She’s Ba-aack!

After a few days away from each other my daughter, husband and myself appear refreshed from the distance – the baby remains nonplussed. It was wonderful to come in from a night out with the hubby at a wedding and see our angel sleeping. And then came the morning (and the whining). My parents swear there was no whining when we were gone but that it miraculously appeared with us. Isn’t it great to be a parent some days?! But we love her. And she was so busy! Here are some photos of her being with her grandparents. The little

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Missing the little girl who’s at her grandparents’

My daughter (2 years old) is at her grandma and grandpa’s this weekend so I’m really glad for the break. The little monkey was just as fed up with me as I was with her I think as she couldn’t get into grandma’s car seat fast enough and when I went to kiss her goodbye she told me “close door; out!”. I miss her but at the same time I am enjoying our distance and spending some quality alone time with the baby. My husband and I have a wedding to go to tomorrow so that will be nice. The

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