The Recycling Guy

The kids love to look at trucks and machines. The recycling truck was in front today so they all ran to the window to look at it. It stayed in front of the house for about 10 minutes … the kids eventually got bored and left the window but I went over, wondering what was going on (was my recycling THAT disorganized?!). Then I sat and watched the recycling guy fiddle with this head bandanna and sunglasses, making sure they were just right, and then he was admiring himself in various mirrors on the truck for another five minutes. His gloves were also put on “just right”. Maybe I should be a recycling employee.

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Elizabeth Ruth

Elizabeth is a children's book author and designer of knit and crochet character hats under the brand The Ruthless Crafter. In her spare time she loves to read, watch movies, spend time with her family, and swim. She lives a full, happy life in Kitchener, Ontario with her husband and their two children.

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