Spring 2011 Quilting Shop Hop

This weekend I enjoyed a fabulous Saturday shop hop of 5 local quilting shops. This was my first hop ever and I’m addicted! I think that it helped that the friend I went with was familiar with the shops and is a more advanced quilter than I am. If you are not familiar with a shop hop, you visit the each of the shops participating and at each store you get your passport stamped and a small swatch of fabric. When you have visited each of the stores, the final store has the instructions of what the project is you

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Wedding Quilt Reveal

I am so thrilled with this quilt that I made for my cousin’s wedding on Saturday, November 13th.Here it is laid out and ready to be sandwiched.    I rarely pose for photos on my blog so here is me with the finished product.I am so pleased with how it turned out. When I chose the fabrics I wanted something that would be gender neutral as I hope the happy married couple will want to use this perhaps as a summer blanket for their bed. The backing is solid green. Here is a peak at it. I love how the

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Travis’s Quilt

I’ve been working on this project since about May. It is the first quilt I have ever attempted. I decided that Travis (2 years old) needed a quilt for his bedroom from his mommy. He has a queen-size bed. I wanted it reversible for different decor options as he grows older. I made the design up myself and I’m pretty pleased with the results. Here … let me show you … This is what the room looked like before … This is the back of the quilt. The design doesn’t go with this particular decor but it’s an option for the

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Accuquilt Giveaways!

I am new to quilting. If I haven’t told you already, I am almost done the top sewing my first quilt for my son, Travis. I’ve been held up due to running out of thread and my walking foot broke so I needed to replace it. That done, I’m hoping ot finish it up this weekend? AND I have the material for my second quilt purchased and ready to cut. Now that I’m starting the cutting for my second quilt, I’m a little anxious about the measurments being off. So I was really excited to discover the Accuquilt. And that there

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Getting Ready For Fall

After the last post, and with your encouragement, my butt is a little more in gear this week. Monday I cleaned all the bathrooms, showers included. Tuesday I mopped floors and quilted one-half of the top stitch for Travis’s quilt (my first time, a queen sized one and I double sided-the design to boot!). It’s going rather well and I have to put some love out to my new walking foot. Who knew?! I just have to sit there and the machine does everything for me! I also went to the gym and read the first chapter of Dear John by

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Book Review ~ Guide to Machine Quilting

Guide to Machine Quilting by Diane GaudynskiMy rating: 5 of 5 stars This is a fantastic reference. This first-time quilter really appreciated the tips and is currently implementing them on my first quilt! So far so good. View all my reviews >>

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The Craft-Creative Low

I’ve been experiencing a craft-creative low. I opted to read books during this low period (hence the increase of book reviews). Thankfully my migraines are subsiding, the house is clean and getting stuff purged and I am ready to flex those creative muscles again. I have one more toy box to cover in fabric and then I can show you the finished toy shelves in our living room. Then I really want to figure out how to finish the quilt I’ve started for Travis. And I am crocheting an adorable Vanna White pattern dress for Ava that I need to

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