UFO #5 Complete

I finished piecing another Christmas table runner top as part of the 13 in 2013 UFO Challenge. This makes my fifth UFO for the year and third Christmas table runner.

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A-Z Baby Boy Quilt Finish

My cousin is having a baby shower today. She is having a baby boy! I found a great alphabet panel that I adore made of 100% cotton. This was my first time using invisible thread. I love it! I’m not sure how clear it is but I quilted each square, letter and animal in the square. I’ll post a back shot and perhaps you can make it out better. I also used a double layer of mid-loft polyester batting to let the negative space really pop. This was my very first panel and it was so much fun to sew

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March 2013 Completed Projects

March was a very productive month. I was able to mend a few items (snow pants and pajamas) as well as complete several projects and prepare fabric for future ones. First, our daughter’s 7th birthday and party was March 17th. The invitations had an ice cream cone made of yarn look and she was very taken by the theme. So, I crocheted 12 ice cream purses for her crochet-themed birthday party.   We are welcoming several babies. I found this great tutorial from Missouri Quilt Company on how to make baby blankets. I made two of these and I love

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Blazing Star Quilt Block ~ Video Tutorial

I have been working to create a drum bag that will hold a native hand drum. My first attempt (here) was all right but I wanted to get the fit better and round it out plus add more padding and a stiffer fabric so it wouldn’t flop. First, though, I needed to do a decorative block. I decided on the Blazing Star for a quilt block. I searched and searched for a photo or video tutorial as the instructions from McCalls Quilting I found were good but a little too vague for this beginner. I wanted to see if I was

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UFO #2 of 13 ~ Quilted Messenger Bag

I did it! I finished my second UFO for the 13 in 2013 UFO Challenge I am participating in. Presenting this beautiful messenger bag. It is also a drum bag to hold a native hand drum. This is the back of the bag. If you look closely you can see a circle in the bottom center part of the bag. This is an eagle that I close-up on and describe more about below. This is the front. I like how the thread of the diagonal lines I quilted have it blend in and not take away from the flow of

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The Christmas Beast Quilt – Photos

My parents (my mother especially) were so happy to receive their Beauty (formerly “Beast”) quilt. It was a long time coming but I think the labour and love put into it made up for the long timeline. As promised when I sung my post about the Beast and it’s creative journey, here are some photos of it on the bed. I didn’t have a space large enough to spread it out to photograph so here it is. Drum roll, please!!! This is the backing. I love how it could be reversable for a different look. I’m so proud of me. Thanks

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UFO #1 of 13 ~ The Christmas Beast is Complete!!!

Today I *finally* finished the “Christmas Beast”. I purchased the fabric for it in August 2011 and started it shortly after that. I thought it would be fun to see the process of making this quilt through my blog posts. Here, from the beginning, you can read all about the creation of this wonderful, amazing quilt. Finished, New and Ongoing Project Updates ~ September 4, 2011Friday Night Sew-In (Follow Up) ~ November 20, 2011 The Christmas Beast ~ December 20, 2011 The Christmas Beast Revisited ~ November 8, 2012So Close… ~ December 31, 2012 Christmas Beast Progress and Quilt Frame

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2013 Colour of the Year

Did you know that years have colors? Emerald green has been named the 2013 color of the year. Here are two beautiful quilts that are inspiring me to make one!! “Celtic Jewel” by Happy Stash QuiltsYou can buy the pattern here. Mariners Quilt I don’t know about you but I’m inspired to try my hand at an emerald green quilt this year! What projects will you make this year that pay homage to this colour?

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Christmas Beast Progress and Quilt Frame Update

I am “THIS” close to finishing the quilt. I’ve technically completed the top but have decided to redo the original, first border. Here is the original border that I am stitch ripping. It was a good idea but as a new user to a frame and with free motion quilting it wasn’t the best choice of design, I think. I did the border on the first quilt frame I purchased. It was good but definitely for a beginner who wants to determine if quilting and a machine frame are for them. Here it is set up in my sewing room. I needed

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13 in 2013 UFO Challenge!

Happy 2013!! 52 Quilts in 52 Weeks came up with a great challenge to complete 13 UFO (unfinished) projects in 2013. Sounds good to me – especially since I just purchased ten Christmas table runners to make for 2013 holiday gifts this is the perfect timing. I’m sure it won’t take long for me to gather three more! Today I completed the challenge to gather and individually bag in gallon zip bags the projects I have prepared. I can’t wait to start working on and completing them! What will you gather for the challenge?

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